2015 Meet Results


 2015 Meet Results

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Summer 2015 Cyber Meet, 1 August 2015​​

Cyber Meet - SPST Swimmers Only

Full Cyber Meet - 58 Pages

Black Division 2015 Championships, 1 August 2015​​

Black Division 2015 Championships Full Results

Black Division 2015 Championships Scores

New SPST Individual Records

New SPST Relay Record

Veterans Park at Stonewall Explosion, 25 July 2015​​

Vets at SPST Full Results

Vets at SPST Scores

PWSL Summary, Week 6

Top 25 Individual Times, Week 6

Top 15 Relay Times, Week 6

Stonewall Explosion at Westridge Waves, 18 July 2015​​

SPST at WRWST Full Results

SPST at WRWST Scores

SPST at WRWST New Team Record

PWSL Summary Week 5

Top 25 Individual Times, Week 5

Top 15 Relay Times, Week 5

Lake Manassas Blue Dolphins at Stonewall Explosion, 11 July 2015​​ 

LMST at SPST Full Results

LMST at SPST Scores

PWSL Results Summary Week 4

Top 25 Individual Times Week 4

Top 15 Relay Times Week 4

Urbanna Otters at Stonewall Explosion, 27 June 2015​​ (Meet called after Event 16 due to thunderstorms)

UST at SPST Results

UST at SPST Results, 1 Event per Page (19 pages)

UST at SPST Scores

PWSL Results Summary Week 3

Stonewall at Brookside Hurricanes Swim Team, 20 June 2015​​

SPST at BHST Full Results

SPST at BHST Scores


Stonewall at Ben Lomond Swim Team, 13 June 2015​​

SPST at BLST Full Results

SPST at BLST Scores