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Board of Directors Election

Join the Board today. SPST needs you. The Election will be during the General Membership Meeting at the Banquet, July 28. (See bylaws.)

Sign up for a Board position during evening practices. Details below.

2019-2020 Board of Directors Election Positions


  • Presides at all regular and special meetings of the Team and at all meetings of the Board of Directors.
  • Has general management and control of the business and affairs of the Team.
  • Calls any special meetings as needed.
  • Coordinates with, or delegates coordination with, the Manager of the Stonewall Park facility, or other facilities, pertaining to the scheduling of meets, practices, and other functions.
  • Contracts with Coaches and Assistants and ensures that contractual obligations are met.
  • Ensures necessary records and paperwork related to Team and Board activities are maintained by the appropriate Board Members.
  • Performs additional duties and functions as necessary and customary.
  • Upon leaving office at the end of their elected term, facilitates the transition of responsibility to the new President.

First Vice President

  • Serves in the President's stead in the absence of the President and shall, in such an event, discharge the duties of the President.
  • Generally assists the President and exercises such other powers and performs such other duties as shall be prescribed by the Board.
  • Helps maintain the Team website and Facebook page.

Second Vice President / Computer Operations and Team Records

  • Serves in the President’s stead in the absence of the President and First Vice President.
  • Maintains and updates the official membership roll of the Team.
  • Accepts and forwards meet entry files in a timely manner to those responsible for organizing meets.
  • Records swimmer times during meets.
  • Provides reports and analysis of swimmer performance as required to the Head Coach.
  • Maintains electronic record of meet results for each swimmer.
  • Transmits meet results and individual special achievements to the PWSL as the League requires.
  • Prepares improvement ribbons after each meet.
  • Provides reports as required and prepares packets for end-of-season awards.
  • Maintains and updates Team records and the records Board at the pool.


  • Retains all historic documents and other necessary Team documentation.
  • Maintains the roll of Board members and keeps the minutes of each Team and Board meeting.
  • Prepares and mails all official correspondence.
  • Attends to the giving and serving of all notices to the members and directors, or other notices required by law or Team bylaws.
  • Prepares all contracts for coaches and assistant coaches, and ensures proper signing.
  • Provides information to Team members and performs all other duties incident to the office of Secretary.
  • Ensures that registration and attendance match and that any discrepancies are brought to the Board.
  • Oversees the checking-in process for swimmers for all meets.

Treasurer / Budget, Finance

  • Oversees the management, oversight and reporting of the Team's finances, including bookkeeping, record-keeping, financial reporting.
  • Collects member dues and fees, and bills members for unpaid fees.
  • Prepares Team’s annual budget, presents it to the Board for approval, and ensures that Team activities adhere to the budget.
  • Maintains accurate financial records throughout the year.
  • Prepares monthly financial reports for the Board, weekly during swim season, and presents them at Board meetings.
  • Deposits all Team funds into SPST account in a timely fashion.
  • Complies with all Federal and State tax laws as appropriate.
  • Oversees attendance and payroll for Team coaches.

League Representative/Meet Operations Manager

  • Serves as liaison with the Prince William Swim League in all matters pertaining to the Team.
  • Attends all meetings of PWSL.
  • Receives and transmits inter-Team grievances for resolution to the Board and/or appropriate governing bodies.
  • Oversees and coordinates all technical activities related to conducting meets.
  • Corresponds and communicates with representatives from opposing Team before each meet and communicates requirements to Team and Board.
  • Ensures starter equipment is maintained and charged.
  • Confirms SPST head refs, deck refs and starters for all meets.
  • Works closely with the Volunteer Coordinator to ensure all needed volunteer positions are covered for all home and away meets

Team Wear

  • Obtains all required swim apparel, gear, spirit wear, as directed by the Board.
  • Maintains order inventory.
  • Provides items for sale during practices and meets (goggles and swim caps).
  • Coordinates Team Picture Day.
  • Oversees the purchase and distribution of Team awards.
  • Assists the President as needed.

Concessions Committee

 Will be comprised of 3 Concessions Directors to:

  • Operate the concession table at evening practices.
  • Oversee all concession functions and volunteer positions for all home meets.
  • Maintain accurate accounting of monies expended and raised relative to concessions.
  • Maintain equipment and inventory of all items required to run concessions.

Volunteer Coordinator

(2 Positions)

  • Ensures the appropriate jobs and/or responsibilities are covered for all swim meets.
  • Solicits and works with SPST members to cover all volunteer positions needed to run a successful meet, both home and away.  (Except for head referee, deck referee, starters.)
  • Creates and maintains all volunteer badges.
  • Handles volunteer sign-in and handing out of badges, timers, vests (equipment) for each meets.

Social Committee

(2 Positions)

Will be comprised of 2 Social Directors to oversee scheduling, set-up, running and tear down of the non-meet events such as:

  • Registration Party
  • Ice Cream Social
  • Pasta Parties
  • Wacky Relays
  • Solicitation of donations for Banquet 
  • Team Spirit Night
  • Oversees the banquet committee working directly with the Board
  • Other events that may come up

Voting Membership of the Team

The Voting Membership of the Team shall consist of the families of current swimmers in good standing (as determined by the Board); Team coaches; and Board members.