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** VISITING Team Info **

Welcome to Stonewall Park Swim Team (SPST)


Stonewall Park Swim Team – the SEAWOLVES – welcome you to our home, Stonewall Park Pool, at:

8351 Stonewall Rd. Manassas, VA 20110

Stonewall Park Pool (map)



Parking is tight at Stonewall Park Pool. Parking is allowed on the road from the entrance to the pool on both sides, on the grass, and on cul-de-sac around in the park. 

Don’t block the entrance to the pool on the right (it’s marked) and don’t park on this drive.

Carpooling is highly encouraged.

This is a city pool and park, and we cannot reserve parking for visiting teams.

Meet Timeline






6:00 am warmup

6:20 am

Visiting Team

6:25 am warmup

6:45 am


7:00 am

11:30 am



 All entries and team record files are due to Michael Baca [email protected] by Thursday at 8 pm. 

Teams are authorized up to three relay teams per team per event with the following lane assignments:

·         Visiting Team: Lanes 1, 3, and 5

·         SPST: Lanes 2, 4 and 6

·         "A" Relay Teams are assigned to Lanes 3 and 4

Athletes will be assigned heat and lane numbers by the Clerk of Course based on the swimmer seed times for individual events.


Volunteers and Equipment


Visiting Team Personnel & Equipment



1 Head Timer

9 Timers

3 Recorders

3 to 5 Stroke & Turn Officials

1 Referee

1 Starter

2 Runners

2 Clerk of Course

2 Scorers

1 Computer Support

2 Ribbons Support

2 Deck Marshals

Stopwatches for Visiting Timers

Coaches’ Tent for Visiting Team Coaches

Starting System (for backup)

Computer (for backup)

Printer (for backup)



Timers and Recorders


Head Timer: One per shift per team. Check in with the announcer upon arrival.

Lane Timers: Visiting Team is assigned 2 timers in lanes 2, 4, and 6; and 1 timer in lanes 1, 3, and 5.

A total 9 timers are needed per shift.

Recorders: Visiting Team is assigned lanes 1, 3, and 5.


The Timer and Recorder Meeting will be at 6:45 am near the announcer stand.

Please bring stopwatches for your timers to use during the meet.


Officials and Equipment


·         The Official Coordinators for this meet are: Maria Henriques, Nelson Epifanio.

·         Please provide 3 to 5 Stroke and Turn Officials, 1 Referee and 1 Starter.

·         Please bring your starting system (fully charged) as a backup.

·         Specific assignments will be made at the Officials Meeting at 6:30 am near the front gate.

·         Meet participants are reminded that the deck officials are responsible for providing the conditions for a fair and equitable meet. The team head coaches should bring any questions concerning results, scores, disqualifications, times, records, awards or lane/heat assignments to the Head Referee. Matters will be resolved as quickly as possible with the officials concerned.

·         The backstroke flags at each end of the pool are located at the 5-meter standard.


Administrative Officials: Scoring, Computers, Runners, Clerk of Course, Awards


Runners: Each team will provide 2 runners per shift throughout the meet. Runners should check in with the Clerk of Course in the wading pool area at 6:50 am for instructions and when changing shifts.

Clerk of Course: The main Clerk of Course is under a white tent on the wading pool deck. Please check in by 6:30 am. Please notify Clerk of Course of any no-show swimmers or scratches at your earliest opportunity. 

Deck Marshals: Please provide 2 deck marshals, one per shift, to assist with organizing heats, identifying swimmers and moving heats to the starting blocks.

Scoring Volunteers: Please provide 2 volunteers to assist with scoring throughout the meet. These volunteers will indicate initial times achieved and verify computer entries. The scoring table is under the blue canopy on the wading pool deck.

Computer Operations: The Computer Operators for this meet is Michael Baca.  

Ribbons: Each team will be responsible for providing 2 ribbon volunteers starting in the scoring area.

Other Meet Support

·         Concessions will be available throughout the meet, providing a selection of hot foods and cold drinks for sale.

·         Meet sheets will be provided free for download (printouts are free for officials and coaches).

·         We will have an announcer to inform participants and volunteers of reporting times for swimmers and volunteers, as well as to make general announcements and provide results.

·         Visiting Team set-up in at the far end of the pool.

·         There is no standing, sitting, or camping in the area behind the timers and recorders. That area is for swimmers, coaches, and volunteers.  

·         Lifeguards are provided for water and pool deck safety. The lifeguards will also provide first aid at the guard station near the restrooms.

·         The Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem will be at 6:58 am.


If you need additional information, please contact our League Rep Nelson Epifanio, [email protected], or email us at [email protected].

We look forward to hosting your team and to having a great meet for all swimmers and their families.