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2019 Divisionals

2019 Black Divisionals Info for SPST Families

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Updated Warm-up Schedule
5:40 to 6:00 SPST warm-up

Important for SPST Families: New Policy

We are implementing new mandatory set-up and tear-down procedures for the Divisional home meet. All families whose last name start with A through L must help set-up for the meet on Friday, July 26, at 7 PM. Families with names M through Z must help tear-down after the meet Saturday. This is mandatory for all SPST families. If you do not help with the set-up or tear-down, your swimmer will not be eligible to receive awards or medals at the banquet. 



María Aburto

Teky Alvarado

Leigh Ellen Baca

Maria Barrantes

Sandy Bigley

Beata Black

Aisha Ronya Bostic

Haydee Carillo

Xiangli   Che

Emmanuel Cua

Long Dang

Leeann David

Bernadette Deasis

James Dettre

Joseph / Maria Di Bisceglie

Andreea Dogaru

Phillip Dwane

Nelson / Lynne Epifanio

Megan Famodu

Haydee Flores Arriaza

Magdalena Fulgencio

Gilma Gomez

Rogelio Gomez

Pilar Gonzales

Liezl Gonzalez

Patricia Guerrero

Valentina Guevara

Maria Henriques

Daysi Hernandez

Reina Hernandez

Lexx Hoover

Kevin / Angie Huber

Lee Huynh

Chuong / Uyen Vu Huynh

John Intihar

Camille Karcher

Richard Kennedy

Tatiana Lancheros

Russell  Lee Jr

Ashley Lopez


Olga Martinez

Duly Martinez

Dixie McAndrew

Casandra McCloy-Vargas

Jakelin  Melgar

Hong / Michael Miller

Summer Mobley

Courtney Mostoller

Maria Ortiz

Gelen Pasamonte

Maricel Pascua

Nohemi Perez

Guadalupe Perez

Anna Picardo

Anabel  Quispe

Rana Qura

Celia Ramirez

Carlos Reyes

Luis Rodriguez

Sandra  Romo

Wes / Tina Ryan

Rachel  Samsky

Nathaly Sanchez

Alba Sanchez

Olga Sandoval

Jennifer Schoen Sisk

Diane Schroder

Laquoria Skinner

Stuart / Kimberly Skinner

Maurielle Skinner

Ben / Angela Slater

Jessica Sorensen

Noelle Stanley

Lisa and Maurie Stevens

Eric / Tina Stewart

Ana Suria

Lisa Tanis

Marilu Tejada

Truong vi Tran

Thanh Truong

Chris Ulrich

Kenneth Vandelinde

Andrea Vargas

John / Jovelyn Yambao


Set-up and tear-down procedures: We will have a check-in list at both set-up and tear-down. You must come and help out – not just stand around.

If you have a scheduling problem and can’t do the shift you are assigned, please contact Lisa Tanis and we will try to make accommodations.

Volunteering at Divisional Meet: We are scheduling 3 shifts of 2 hours each. But if we don’t get enough volunteers, we will go back to 2 shifts. Please don’t volunteer for a job that a newer team member can do (timer, recorder, etc.). We need scorers, verifiers, clerk of course, deck runners, Stroke and Turn officials, etc. This is a great time to learn a new job. We’ll teach you.