Pool Location/Set up

Welcome to Virginia Oaks, Home of the Sea Devils


The pool address is 7580 Virginia Oaks Drive, Gainesville, VA 20155


Parking is available on the street on Virginia Oaks Drive and Royal Sydney Drive.  Please do not park on Vinewood.  Also, please avoid blocking curb areas, areas marked in yellow, or any area in front of a curbside mailbox.

Clerk of course

Clerk of Course is located at the far side of the clubhouse.  When events are announced over our public address system swimmers should proceed to their clerk of course areas.

Deck access

The actual deck area of our pool is small. Consequently, only working officials, volunteers, coaches, and swimmers who have been called for their events are permitted on the deck. When swimmers have finished their events and have reported results to their coaches, they are asked to leave the deck area promptly. The viewing area is poolside.  Please stay on the far side of the ropes.  There is no camping on the pool deck.

Meet Heat (Psych) Sheets

Meet heat (psych) sheets will be emailed to the visiting team’s computer representative.  Copies of the heat (psych) sheets will be given to all Stroke and Turn officials as well as 5 copies for coaching. There will not be any heat (psych) sheets for sale at the concession stand. We encourage families to download as many copies as they would like before coming to the meet. It is our hope that this will cut down on paper waste and give everyone a chance to have a heat (psych) sheet ahead of time.


Our fully stocked and staffed Concessions stand will provide a variety of delicious hot and cold food and drink for purchase throughout the meet beginning at 7:00 a.m.  Concessions does not accept credit cards.


In keeping with PWSLs commitment to league-wide good sportsmanship, please know that such respectful behavior is something that the VOSD coaching staff, swim committee and parents seek to instill in each swimmer.  Athletes are taught to encourage and motivate through cheers, positive focus, and praise. After a hard race, acknowledging the efforts of your opponent, win or lose, always speaks volumes in developing the character of our swimmers. We know that the competitive nature of sports often makes for emotional events. No matter the age, Breakers are encouraged, and shown by example, to be in control of their actions and exercise good sportsmanship at all times. We look forward to a friendly, respectful competition!                      

Team area

Team areas are in the parking lot of the pool.  The visiting team area is closest to the drop off circle. Please do not camp on grass near the clubhouse or the pool area. 

Meet Timeline

6:00 AM - Pool is open

6:10 AM - 6:30 AM - VOSD warm-ups

6:30 AM - 6:50 AM - visiting team's warm-ups

6:30 AM - Stroke and Turn Officials' meeting in the clubhouse

6:45 AM - Timers' and Recorders' meeting on deck, shallow end of pool

6:50 AM - Clear the pool;  Relays assemble in team areas and move to proper lanes to prepare for start of meet

7:00 AM - Start of meet

12:45 AM - End the meet; clean up and restore deck and grounds;

1:00 PM - Pool is open for Community.


Pool Layout:



View Larger Map Virginia Oaks' address is 7580 Virginia Oaks Drive, Gainesville, VA 20155


Directions From Interstate 66

From Manassas, take I-66 West towards Gainesville

·         Take Exit 43A - Route 29 South

·         Proceed South on VA-29 until the second light

·         Turn left onto Virginia Oaks Drive

·         Take first right into the pool parking lot  

Directions From Warrenton

·         Take Route 29 North to Virginia Oaks Drive

·         Turn right onto Virginia Oaks Drive - after Maintenance entrance

·         Take first right into pool parking lot

Directions From Dale City