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Marlins In Training

Marlins-In-Training Developmental Program

Marlins-In-Training (M.I.T.) is a developmental program designed to prepare younger and inexperienced swimmers for the competition swim team.  Each swimmer focuses first on freestyle and then backstroke under the direction of the M.I.T. coaches.  The coaches guide the swimmers on proper body positioning, kicking, breathing, and streamlining. 

The M.I.T. program is not intended to replace swim lessons.  This program merely builds on a swimmer’s experience in the water so that they can move up to their normal age group level.  Each swimmer must meet the following criteria to be considered for the M.I.T. program:

  1. M.I.T. swimmer is at least 4 years old by June 1.
  2. M.I.T. swimmer is fully capable of using restrooms alone or assisted by parent (potty-trained).
  3. M.I.T. swimmer is comfortable entering the pool with little or no assistance (life-jacket is considered acceptable assistance).
  4. M.I.T. swimmer is able to take basic direction/instruction from a Coach.
  5. M.I.T. swimmer is comfortable submerging face into water and blowing bubbles.
  6. M.I.T. swimmer has met or could meet the criteria listed under Level 2 of the Park Authority aquatics course:
    • Float on front and back independently;
    • Combined arm and leg actions on front and back independently;
    • Submerging, holding breath, bobbing, and retrieving objects; and
    • Rolling over front to back and back to front while in water.


If it is determined by the M.I.T. Coaches and the Veterans Park Swim Team Board within the first two (2) weeks of practice that the swimmer does not meet this criteria, a refund of Registration Fees less $50.00 processing fee will be returned to the parents.

M.I.T. swimmers are entered into swim meets as soon as they have the interest and can swim freestyle across the pool with little or no stopping.  The coaches and the Board will discuss with the swimmer’s parents the readiness of the swimmer before entering him/her into a swim meet. 

Once M.I.T. Coaches feel the swimmer is ready for meet competition, the parent(s) should make every effort to attend the meet so that the swimmer can swim in his/her event.  Attending meets is very important in order to give the M.I.T. swimmer (and parents) a “real meet” experience.  Our focus at this stage is to provide experience, coaching, and for swimmers to do their best.

Practice Schedule

M.I.T. swimmers are part of the Veterans Park Marlins Swim Team and have practice Mondays through Thursdays from 6:15pm to 8:15pm.  The M.I.T. group is exempt from attending Friday morning practices.  The swimmers can and will take part in all swim team activities, including Swim-A-Lap, Spirit Week, and the end of season Awards Ceremony and pool party. 

Each M.I.T swimmer receives a trophy at the Awards Ceremony and coaches nominate swimmers from this group for a Coaches Award and a Most Improved trophy.