2020 Marlins Sponsors
Volunteer Positions

Announcer- The person that announces all of the events and happenings at the meet over the PA system.

Bonus: You get to play with the microphone and the brand new PA system, as well as controlling the music for the meet!


Clerk of Course- Persons responsible for arranging swimmers within an event in the order that they will swim.

Bonus: You get to know all of the kids on the team and see each swimmer before they swim- high energy and very exciting!


Computer Rep- Persons that input official times into the database and print placement labels for ribbons.

Bonus: You get to know all official information before anyone else and you get to sit in the shade!


Concessions- During home meets only.  A team of people responsible for selling food and beverage to the hungry crowd and swimmers.

Bonus: Free lunch and best friend of all the Heat Winners!


Deck Marshall- Person that ensures that only official swim personal and swimmers participating in events are on the deck during the meet.

Bonus: A well-respected position of authority and YOU get to be on deck!


Head Ref- An experienced official who stands on deck during the meet and has the final say in disqualifications.

Bonus: The only person able to stop and restart a meet once it’s begun and you get a whistle!


Head Timer- Stands on deck and oversees and acts as backup for all other timers; assigns stopwatches and lanes to timers.

Bonus: You get a great view and a great tan all at the same time!


Heat Ribbon Runner- Remains on deck and hands out a ribbon to the first swimmer to touch the wall in each heat in every event.

Bonus: Every swimmer’s favorite person!


Recorder- Writes down the three times on the scorecard for each heat.

Bonus: The only seated position on deck, so close you’re in the splash zone!


Ribbons- Persons responsible for attaching stickers to the back of placement ribbons.

Bonus: You’re sitting in the shade, and get a sneak peek of your swimmer’s ribbons!


Runner- Plucks the scorecards from the recorders and drops them off at the scoring table. No running actually involved.

Bonus: Great chance to get your exercise in!  Win all step challenges before most people are awake!


Scorer- Determines the official time from the scorecard and verifies the time for each swimmer.

Bonus: A chance for math-lovers to sit in the shade!


Set up & Take Down- Crew of people who set up the announcer tent and block off the pool on Friday night before the meet, and stay after the meet Saturday to return the pool area to original condition.

Bonus: You get first dibs on your family camping spot and can leave your tents and chairs in your desired location the night before for prime seating!


Starter-  Person who stands on deck who announces and signals the start of each heat with light and sound.

Bonus: Excellent view of the pool and a microphone!


Stroke and Turn- Official position, which requires training; oversees swimmers ensuring proper form is used during meet.

Bonus: You get to know all of the strokes very well and also have a bird’s eye view of the pool!


Timer- One of 3 people to stand on deck at the end of the lane and time the duration of each swimmer’s heat using a stopwatch.

Bonus: Not only do you get an excellent view but also if all 3 timers get the same time in a heat you get a free cheeseburger!


Volunteer Coordinator- Ensures all volunteers are checked in and positions are filled the day of the meet.

Bonus: Your job is over when the meet starts and you get to know everybody on the team!


8 & Under's Relay Coordinator- Assists the Head Coach with organizing 8U group during relays

Bonus: You have the most excited kids on the team!