Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where/what is my "family folder"
A: File boxes with a file folder for each R.E.S.T. family are usually located in or near the lifeguard/coaches shack at the pool. It is your responsibility to check your folder regularly for swimmer's ribbons, announcements regarding upcoming events, team materials such as a roster or handbook, and other information relating to the team in general or your family in specific. It's also a good idea to peruse the fence to the right of the pool gate as you come in. Many of the same announcements can be found posted in this "Team Info" area, including sign-up sheets for events and special meet assignments.

Q: How do I sign up my swimmer for a lesson with Coach ...
A: Lessons with any of the excellent R.E.S.T. coaches are a great deal. A little one-on-one attention can make a big difference in form, speed, and a swimmer's overall enjoyment of the season. There is quite a demand for such lessons, so the Coach Liaison may institute procedures to ensure that all swimmers that want lessons will have that opportunity. These procedures have, in the past, included an informal raffle during Time Trials for the first round of sign-ups, so you may wish to have a few dates ready. Additional information will be available in the Lifeguards/Coaches shack.

Q: What should I bring to a meet?
A: Besides your swimmer, here's a list of things that might be helpful:

Seating can be scarce, especially at away meets. Bring your own folding chair and your chances of sitting down go way up. A cheap $10-15 model can usually survive at least one summer.

A meet, including warm-ups, can last up to 5 hours. A good book, card games, or small toys are helpful for younger swimmers who may get bored waiting for their next event.

Bringing water and healthy snacks will keep your swimmer hydrated and energized to swim multiple events. However, keep in mind that our Snack Shack is a major fundraiser and has what is widely perceived as the best food in the Conference. For home meets, consider eating dinner at the Pool on Wednesday evenings, and breakfast and/or lunch on Saturday mornings. Of course the other teams have snack shacks for away meets as well, however inferior they may be.

For Saturday morning meets, keep in mind that the Sun can get quite intense as the meet progresses. Plenty of sunscreen is a must, and a small deck umbrella can also come in very handy. The "personal mister" (squirt bottle with an attached fan) has also become very popular. Make sure to ask about an official Rudgear Estates version.

Wednesday evening meets can get quite cold and breezy. Sweats and extra towels are a must for swimmers. A sleeping bag can also make the difference between comfort and misery. Spectators should also remember to have warmer attire available.

As is probably becoming apparent, a fully equipped Rudgear Estates family will have an impressive array of gear to bring for each meet. A laundry basket or small wheeled cart makes a good container for your "meet kit".

Q: Which stroke goes first?
A: Good question. This can be very confusing as there are actually a variety of answers to this quetsion:

In the Medley Relay event, the stroke order is Back, Breast, Fly, Free.

In the Individual Medley (I.M.) event, the stroke order is Fly, Back, Breast, Free.

A normal WCSC dual meet event order is Medley Relay, I.M., Free, Breast, Back, Fly, Free Relay. The Free Relay, and sometimes the I.M., are commonly dropped due to time constraints.

For non-WCSC dual meets, it is common for the I.M. to be the first individual event, occurring between the Medley Relay and Free.

Championship meets, such as City or Conference, typically have a two day schedule with each day split into morning and afternoon sessions. The order of events for these meets is:

Saturday morning: 11-12 I.M. finals, 13-14 I.M. finals, 15-18 I.M. finals, Free prelims, Breast prelims.

Saturday afternoon: Free finals, Breast finals, Medley Relay finals.

Sunday morning: 7-8 I.M. finals, 9-10 I.M. finals, Back prelims, Fly prelims.

Sunday afternoon: Back finals, Fly finals, Free Relay finals.

Q: What are the Rudgear Estates pool rules?
A: Glad you asked. Click here to see the Rudgear Estates Pool Rules.

Q: Why the Rats? Isn't that an odd choice for a swim team mascot?
A: The following information may not have factored into the selection of our beloved mascot, but it may give some perspective:

In Chinese Astrology, the monthly and annual cycles of heavenly bodies are represented by a combination of animals and elements. The use of animals in this manner is where the term "Zodiac" actually originates. Legend has it that the type and order of the animals used in the Zodiac were selected by the Jade Emperor. It is said that he organized a race for all the creatures on earth, and that the first twelve to finish the race would be honored with a place in the Zodiac. It just so happens that the winner of this race was none other than the Rat, who has occupied the first position in the Zodaic ever since. The Rat also happens to be most commonly associated with the element of Water. Of course this is only one possible explanation of why winning races in the water comes naturally to a Rat.