Jobs Rules


The following rules apply for parent jobs this year:

 1.  Based upon the number of meets, every family will have the following job requirements:

  a.  xxx Meet Jobs (includes time trails, home and away meets, but does NOT include special meets like City, Conference or County). You must include one (1) snack shack and no more than three (3) timing jobs.

  b. One (1) Team job

  c. One (1) City Meet job, if your child is swimming  

  d. One (1) Conference Meet job, if your child is swimming

2.  A limited number of job buy-outs will be available again this year - for a price you can be relieved of your Meet and Team job duties. Look for an email with information on the cost and number available.

3.  Job sign-ups open Sunday, May 5.
***You will receive a separate email for Job registration with instructions***

4.  If you have not signed up for jobs by the deadline you will be randomly assigned jobs and sent an email.

5.  For the best selection of jobs and dates, plan to sign up as soon as possible after 8:00am on the day jobs open.

6.  Not attending a meet or being on vacation does not relieve you of your work responsibility.

7.  You may hire a sub for meet jobs. Subs must be 15 or older. You are responsible for providing the name/contact of the sub to the Meet Director 24 hours before the meet. If your sub doesn't show, you will be fined $75.

8. A list of substitutes may be found on the website under "jobs" after logging in. Substitutes may not work in any meet job that requires training. In addition, all snack shack substitutes must be adults. Substitutes may not fill any Team/Social job.

9.  If you don't show for a job, the fine is $75. If you do not perform your Team/Social job, the fine is $150.

10.  If you are 15 minutes late, that is considered a no-show and you may be fined.

11.  Unless stated otherwise, shifts last the duration of the meet, even if the meet goes overtime. 

12. Polliwog and 15-18 families are not required to perform meet jobs or Team/Social jobs. However, 15-18 families are required to work special meets.

13.  We try our best to be equitable. Questions should be directed to jobs@rudgearrats.com.

Thanks in advance to all of the parent volunteers - the RATS couldn't do it without you.