Team Jobs

Team Job Descriptions


Family team jobs are many and varied. Some of them involve organizing one of the many events that occur during the season such as Age Group Socials, Pasta Feeds, or sign-ups for meet assignments at special meets. Others involve a less intense task that can persist throughout the season such as age-group photographer, supplying the Snack Shack with a specific item such as ice or bagels, or distributing meet programs for the season. If you need more information or have questions about Team Jobs you can email the jobs coordinator at: jobs@rudgearrats.com.  The number of Team Jobs and the exact descriptions of Team Jobs vary form year to year due to the number of families available to fill them. 

This list is intended to be a guideline and a resource, but not a final list of positions or descriptions for each year.  For the Team Jobs available for this year, please refer to the Team Jobs "event" posted with Jobs Registration

Conference-related Team Jobs 

Conference meet coordinator/ director Coordinates volunteers/job sign ups for meet & swimmer registration. Must attend meet Conf Rep
Conference meet ad coordinator Sells/coordinates ad space for Conference meet program, starting at beginning of season not end. Conf Rep
Conference Meet helpers TBD Conf Rep

Facility Team Jobs

End of Season Pool Clean Up At end of season, organize/supervise volunteers to clean up REST team supplies/equipment & storage areas, discarding old items, take down REST boards/posters/materials, cover timing system, etc at end of season. HOA Liaison
Fridge and utensil maintenance, Pre & Post season Cleans out Snack Shack room prior to time trials and at the end of th season HOA Liaison
Barbecue maintenance Set up BBQs (assemble new/clean existing, fill propane) at beginning of season, fill propane tanks as needed throughout season, clean BBQs at end of season HOA Liaison

Away Event Team Jobs

Dewing Derby Coordinator Coordinates swimmer registration & jobs sign up for families attending Dewing Derby, ensures jobs are fulfilled at meet Jobs Coordinator
County Meet Coordinator Coordinates swimmer registration & job sign-ups, for families attending County meet. Serves as our Meet Director at the Meet.  Must attend the Meet. Jobs Coordinator
City Meet Directors and co-coordinator 2 family, shared position.  Coordinates job sign-ups, swimmer registrations & are the Team's Meet Directors for the 2 day meet.  This position counts as your job requirement for City meet as well Jobs Coordinator

General Team Jobs

Meet Program coordinator/fundraiser (2 families share this job) Sell programs & ads for meet programs. Copy & distribute programs at each meet throughout season, coordinating with your co-coordinator. Secretary
Shepherd Coordinator & Assistant Shepherd Coordinator Obtains/maintains shepherd supplies (mats, pens, bells, cones, box) train & supervise shepherds. Oversees getting shepherd sheets copied/highlighted for each lane prior to each meet President
Meet Directors See detailed job description by clicking here.   President
Catering Coordinator Liaison between Caterer and Board Treasurer


Social Team Jobs

Welcome Back Party Coordinates the Welcome Back party for the Team Social Chair
Polliwog Graduation Coordinates a small party/award presentation on the pool deck Social Chair
6/U Social Coordinates a party/outing for the age group Social Chair
7/8 Social Coordinates a party/outing for the age group Social Chair
9/10 Social Coordinates a party/outing for the age group Social Chair
11/12 Social Coordinates a party/outing for the age group Social Chair
13/14 Social Coordinates a party/outing for the age group Social Chair
Family Fun Day Coordinator Coordinates a family party/outing Social Chair
City Meet Pasta Feed Coordinates the Pasta Feed at the pool prior to City Meet Social Chair
Conference Meet Pasta Feed Coordinates the Pasta Feed at the pool prior to City Meet Social Chair
Awards Night refreshment & set up Coordinate family sign up, set up/clean up of refreshments on awards night Social Chair
Rudgear Rats Idol Coordinates the annual talent show (performances, P.A, prizes etc) Social Chair
Ice Cream social Coordinates ice cream for Rudgear Idol night; supplies, set-up, clean up and servers Social Chair
Movie Night Organizes/coordinates family movie night weekend before Conference meet. Social Chair
Adult Social Hosts/coordinates an adult social during the season (includes some fundraising component) Social Chair

Spirit Team Jobs

Coaches’ Lunch Coordinator Oversees coaches lunches throughout season, making, monitoring poster/sign up sheet at pool to ensure coaches lunches are covered for the season Spirit Chair
Spirit Wear Coordinator Coordinate spirit apparel for the team Spirit Chair
Extreme week breakfast Coordinator Make poster/sign up sheet for breakfast & set/up for morning breakfast for all age groups. Spirit Chair
Conference Friday pizza Lunch Coordinator Coordinates Pizza day Friday of Extreme week, order pizza/supplies & distribute accordingly Spirit Chair
City meet fun activity Coordinator Coordinate spirit activities for City meet Spirit Chair
Tie Dye Coordinator Coordinates Tie Dye day for all age groups Spirit Chair
Conference Fun Friday activity Coordinator Coordinate volunteers and supplies for decorating cars/hair/nails (buys supplies, makes poster & gets volunteers) Spirit Chair
Conference sign person Coordinate making posters and hang team signs at conference Friday before conference Spirit Chair
Home meet welcome poster maker Make a poster for each home meet welcoming the visiting team Spirit Chair
Swimmer of the week coordinator Help Coach Liaison select a swimmer of the week, makes poster, must have digital camera and be available Friday AM and during some workouts. Spirit Chair
Picture Day Coordinator Schedule & coordinate team picture day. Must be there at photo day & distribute photos Spirit Chair
Age Group Photographers (one for each age group) Takes photographs for use in the awards night slideshow. Requires quality digital camera, SLR preferred. Deadlines require shooting Saturday meets in June and early July, need to schedule other jobs during weekdays or later in the season. You will be responsible for a variety of quality shots for each swimmer in your assigned age group. Detailed job description  Spirit Chair
Slide Show & Video Coordinator Produces slide show for year end/awards night Spirit Chair
Trophies/Awards Coordinates/obtains awards for presentation at year end Spirit Chair

Desk-Related Jobs (reports to Desk Coordinator)

Desk Data Entry coordinates swimmers and their times/data for each meet - satisfies ALL jobs for season if done for the season.  Co-chaired position Desk Coordinator
Webmaster/Team statistician Keeps stats on swimmers, tracking time improvements and bronze, silver, gold benchmarks & updates website from pre-season scheduling through the season.  Detailed job description HERE Desk Coordinator
CTS PA system coordinator  (2 family job) Set up, prepare, test, and troubleshoot the CTS and PA system prior to the start of the season and at each home event.  Pack it up at the end of the season. Set up for special events such as Rudgear Idol & awards night Desk Coordinator