Meet Director Job

Meet Director Job Description

Leading up to the Meet:

  • At least two days before the meet, the Meet Director in coordination with the Webmaster sends an e-mail to all families scheduled to work at the upcoming meet.  This message should include:

    • Meet Director name and contact information.

    • The date, time, opposing team name, and location of the meet.

    • A request that each family reply with the following information:

      • Contact information for the family, or if the job was exchanged or a substitute hired, that person's contact information.

      • Confirmation of the role the family expects to be performing (Timer, Shepherd, Snack Shack, etc.)

      • Acknowledgement that they have read and understand the duties of the job, including expected arrival time.

  • If a family doesn't respond by the day before the meet, the Meet Director should follow up with a phone call.

  • Make sure you collect the Meet Director's box from the President or previous Meet Director.  This should contain stopwatches, the green Meet Director apron, a schedule of workers for each meet, and a set of keys and lock combinations so you will be able to unlock and open up the pool for Saturday Morning meets, or lock up after Wednesday night meets.


  • Arrive at the pool  7am for Saturday home meets, 4pm for Wednesday home meets, and 45 minutes prior to the start of an away meet.  Put on the green Meet Director apron so everyone will know who (and how cool) you are.

  • Introduce yourself to the opposing team's Meet Director.

  • (*)Unlock the parking lot chains and main pool gate, but do not prop open the gate at any time during the meets.

  • (*)Unlock the lifeguard shack and all cupboards inside the shack so others have access to necessary equipment.

  • (*)Unlock bathrooms, equipment shed, and Snack Shack closet.

  • All workers should check in with you when they arrive.  Mark down these arrivals and be prepared to report any no-shows to the Treasurer.

  • (*)The CTS/PA setup team should begin setting up equipment an hour before the meet starts.  The Head Timer, Runner, and any available timers should assist as required, including the setup of sun shades and placement of plastic chairs for timers.

  • (*)The Desk team will set up the Desk and Ribbon stations.  They will also ensure the recorder clipboards are set up and placed appropriately.  Assist as required.

  • (*)The Gate/Parking Monitor should be in place an hour prior to the meet to ensure that people can enter the pool without the gate being propped open.  Around 30 minutes before the meet and again around the time the meet starts, the G/P Monitor should be reminded to confirm that people are not parking in locations that inhibit traffic flow or block local residents.

  • (*)Give the Facilities Monitor access to the supplies closet located near the boys restroom.  The FM is responsible for keeping both bathrooms functioning and supplies stocked/trash emptied during the meet.  Also instruct the FM to periodically ensure that nobody is in the baby pool, on the diving board, or on the landscaped hills.  Instruct them to ask for assistance from the opposing team Meet Director and/or Announcer as necessary.

  • (*)Instruct Snack Shack workers to check in at the Snack Shack for a specific role.

  • As timers arrive, give them stopwatches as required.  For home meets, only one watch per lane is needed, half of which can be provided by the opposing team.  For away meets, confirm the distribution of stopwatches with the opposing Meet Director.  The visiting team is to provide their own stop watches.

  • Instruct 8&U Shepherds to check in with the Head Shepherd.

  • Instruct Stroke and Turn judges to check in with the Desk coordinator for instructions and materials.

  • As Floaters arrive, use them to assist as required.  Over the course of the meet, they should be available to relieve Timers, and perhaps the Head Timer, or help fill in where needed.  Ensure that the Floaters know they must stay past the end of the meet to assist with cleanup.

  • (*)Secure meal vouchers from the Snack Shack for both REST and visiting coaches.  Coordinate with opposing Meet Director or Head Coach.

  • (*)Consult with the Desk to ensure that the meet begins promptly at 9:00am for Saturday mornings, and 6:00pm for Wednesday evenings.

  • (*)Coordinate with the Desk, opposing Meet Director, and coaching staff from both teams to determine if any events will be cancelled to ensure that the meet will end promptly at 1:00pm for Saturdays, or 9:00pm for Wednesdays.

During the Meet:

  • As Meet Director, any controversies in or out of the pool are yours to resolve.  Coordinate with the opposing Meet Director as required, but the final decisions are yours.

  • Periodically ensure that all workers are performing their jobs and remind relief workers to fill in as needed.


  • (*)The CTS/PA setup team will begin taking the system down. Ensure that Timers take down and stow away sun shades and chairs.

  • (*)Ensure Nnack Shack workers cleanup of the Snack Shack area.

  • (*)Floaters are responsible for re-arranging pool furniture and umbrellas to pre-meet locations and sweeping for loose trash and left items.

  • (*)The Facility Monitor should have done a final sweep of bathrooms and taken the trash to the dumpster behind the bathrooms.

  • The Meet Director should be the last person to leave the pool area, which should look like there was no meet.

    • For Wednesday night meets, make sure the lights under the arbor are turned off and lock the lifeguard shack, all gates (including gate up on the lawn area), the bathrooms, equipment room, Snack Shack closet, and ensure the parking lot chains are put in place.

    • For Saturday morning meets, only the equipment room and Snack Shack closet need to be locked, coordinate with the Head Lifeguard to ensure that the pool is left in good condition.

    • For away meets, make very sure that the team area is spotless, enlisting anyone you need to help.  Once this is done, ask the home Meet Director to check it with you before departing.