Team Concept

Team Philosophy

REST has a fabulous reputation for being a fun and friendly place to swim and we look forward to building on that reputation by embracing the following team values:



Our greatest competitions--in swimming and in life--are often with ourselves. By emphasizing individualized stroke instruction, we create faster swimmers in the long run and we ensure that swimmers of all abilities feel accomplished and involved in the team’s success.



REST is a safe and supportive place to swim. Our coaches are committed to developing swimmers who practice kindness and embrace responsibility for their actions in and out of the pool.



REST spirit is a huge part of what makes our team great. Our Coaches work to make swimming fun and to foster an environment in which team involvement is contagious among our swimmers and their families.


Training Strategy

REST Coaches use a balanced training strategy that emphasizes the teaching of proper stroke technique as the foundation of fast swimming. Practices will balance: drill progressions (all strokes), race components (starts, turns, finishes, etc.), and speed training.

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