Ribbon Policy

Ribbon Policy - Dual Meets


  • Polliwogs will participate in one of the home meets (typically our last Saturday home meet) as determined by the coaches. They will receive a participant ribbon at that meet, along with a Polliwog ribbon.

8 & Under Swimmers

  • All 6 & Under and 7-8 swimmers shall receive a ribbon for each stroke they swim at a meet 1st through 6h places, heat winner, time improvement and participation for those placing 7th-99th.
  • All 6 & under and 7-8 swimmers shall receive a ribbon for each relay event they swim, 1st through 3rd places.

9-10, 11-12 and 13-14 Swimmers

  • All swimmers in these age groups shall receive a ribbon for each individual event and each relay in which they place 1st through 3rd, and any time improvement. 

15-18 Swimmers 

  • These swimmers do not receive ribbons.


  • Ribbons will be placed in the swimmer's family folder during home meets, or the Monday/Thursday after away meets.
  • Coaches may decide to hand out Time Improvement ribbons personally as part of training.