Age Group Photographer

Must have a digital camera, preferably an SLR.  This job is best suited for someone who enjoys photography.

General Guidelines
This Well lit faces (use flash to fill harsh shadows caused by the sun or if your subject is in the shaded foreground with a sunny background) clear focus; get close; fill the frame with your subject(s).

Try to get a variety of locations for individual shots, not just each kid in same spot with pool in background.  Try to get lots of the shots at social/fun time events and without goggles and swim caps.

Try to take most shots of kids from their height or lower, unless you have a reason to shoot from above.

Take a lot of shots and weed out the ones that don't meet the criteria above.  Trying to get good candid shots of the younger kids is especially hard, be patient and plan on a lot of them not being useable.  Posed buddy shots are OK too.  Let the kids know that you are taking pictures for the slideshow.  Offer to take one with regular smiles and one silly shot.

Required Photos & Duties:
*  ONE Head shot of each swimmer in age group to be used primarily for identification.  Include head & shoulders, straight on shot.  No goggles or sun-glasses, preferably no caps.  Kids can help you find other kids if give them the list & have them walk you to each of the kids in their age group (tip: number each name as you take photo to help you remember).  If you are new to the team, you might ask another parent in your age group or a coach for help.
*  ONE Individual close up (waist up), candid shot or active shots of swimmers that show enough of their face to be recognizable.
*  ONE additional shot of each swimmer with up to 5 other people in a close group shot.

Shoot several practices & meets (Saturday meets have the best/most light) and ideally at your age group’s social.

If you have 30 kids in your age group, that’s about 66 shots.  It will take even the best photographers 200+ shots to get 66 quality shots.  So plan to take a lot of pictures regularly & keep track of which kids you do and don’t have.  The season goes by quickly, so the key is to shoot a lot early so that you don’t have to panic at deadline time.

Other desired shots:
*  Coaches interacting with kids *  Kids in pool, ideally showing faces  *  Kids out of pool, interacting with each other or cheering *  Kids & coaches at socials* Parents with kids, wrapping kids in towels
or cheering from edge of pool

3 weeks after time trials:         Simple head shots of your age group
6 weeks into season:              Balance of required shots of every swimmer
1 week before conference:      Any above & beyond fun shots of recent events, additional or replacement shots                                                                                                                        
Organizing & Saving Photo Files:
*JPEG (.jpg) as high quality/size of shot as your camera can take
* Name individual shots with simmers last name & first initial & the number of shot(s) of them.  So if it is the second photo you are turning in of Joe Smith (SmithJ2.jpg).
* Name group shots by list the last names of the most visible swimmers from right to left (e.g. SmithJonesMiller.jpg)
* Burn a CD/DVD & put in the designated photo folder at the pool before noon on the deadline dates


Name main folder on CD: your last name and age group (i.e. Smith 7-8)


        Then create/organize with the following subfolders:


Head shots



Group shots


THANK YOU for helping us make our annual slideshow AMAZING.