Coach Liaison

Coach Liaison

Responsible for finding and interviewing potential coaches to create a cohesive and effective coaching staff that understands the recreational nature of the REST.

The liaison proposes potential coaches to the REST Board of Directors and hires them once approved but not later than Feb 1st of each year.

The liaison creates an environment where the head coach and staff can run the team and know that they have support and mentorship when/as  needed. The liaison must at all times maintain an appropriate level of confidentiality about the coaches, team, parents and swimmers.

The liaison works closely with the REST Treasurer/CFO to determine the coaching budget.  

The liaison will plan, staff and oversee the execution a swim technique clinic for the benefit of our swimmers and those who are thinking to join the REST.

As needed, the liaison provides feedback to the coaches. At the time of hire each season the liaison will solicit a written list of goals from each coach and then provide a written performance review at the conclusion of each season. In the off season, the liaison will be prepared to produce appropriate letters of recommendation if requested by the coaches. Those letters of recommendation will be made available to the Board at the next scheduled Board meeting.

The liaison will prepare, publish and educate all coaches on the REST standards of professional conduct and be prepared to take immediate and appropriate action in the event of any issues that compromise a coach, a swimmer, a parent or the REST.

Prepares swim lesson books for each of the coaches participating in private lessons.

The liaison will attempt to find and groom a replacement so as to ensure continuity of purpose as well as data files.