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Team Rules

Swim Team Rules

Our goal is for each swimmer to have a fun and safe season. In order to achieve this, each team member or his/her parent or guardian must understand, agree to, and abide by our team rules and code of conduct.

  • The Leeland Station Swim Team adheres to the rules of the Rappahannock Swim League and the Leeland Station community pool. We also respect the rules of any facility hosting an event. Swimmers and family members must obey the instructions of the lifeguards and event officials.
  • Swimmers and parents are expected to behave in a courteous, non-disruptive manner in and around the pool, locker room, and at swim meets. Discourteous or unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. Criticism of the staff or other swimmers is not acceptable.
  • Any person who acts in an unsportsmanlike manner (including, but not limited to, profanity or abusive language) may be considered for disciplinary action at the discretion of the meet referee. (RSL Rule 5.8)
  • No alcoholic beverages or smoking will be permitted on the pool deck or in any other area used by competitors. (RSL Rule 5.9)
  • With the exception of law enforcement personnel, no firearms, whether concealed or not, will be permitted on the pool deck or in any other area used by competitors. (RSL Rule 5.10)
  • If you have a swimmer in a meet, a family representative is required to work during one session (half) of a meet.  Failure to complete your volunteer commitment may result in your swimmer(s) not being entered in the next meet and may jeopardize enrollment for future seasons.
  • Do not interrupt the coaches during team practice and meets. For safety and instructional reasons, the coaches’ attention must be focused on the swimmers.  If you feel it necessary to contact the coaches please wait until after practice or email the coach through the team website.  Alternately, you may also address your questions to a swim team board member who will then relay your concerns to the Coach. 
  • The team must keep an Emergency Information Sheet on hand for each swimmer. Parents are responsible for keeping that information up to date. 
  • There is no open swim during morning practices.  All parents and siblings not involved with the team must stay out of and away from the pool. 
  • Each swimmer is expected to be on time and ready to hit the water.
  • All swimmers should check the information board during each practice. 
  • Swimmers that miss the established deadline to sign up for events (normally the end of practice the day prior to the meet) will only be placed in open events.
  • Swimmers must let the Head Coach know if they will not be able to swim no later than the end of practice the day prior to the meet to allow the coach to enter others in the events.
  • The Head Coach must approve all scratches from meet events.

Leeland Station Swim Team Code of Conduct

Coaches and Swimmers

  • Follow the rules of the contest at all times
  • Accept the decisions of contest officials
  • Avoid offensive gestures or language
  • Show respect for opponents at all times
  • Display modesty in victory and graciousness in defeat
  • Avoid public criticism of meet officials and/or parents
  • Show respect for facilities and equipment

Parents and Spectators

  • Work cooperatively with the meet officials and supervisors in keeping order
  • Refrain from making negative comments about officials, coaches, or participants
  • Stay out of the swim area at all times
  • Show respect for facilities and equipment


At the discretion of the head coach/board of directors/community association one or more of the following penalties may be applied:

  • Team member may be scratched from a meet or meet events
  • Removal from the venue
  • Suspension from further practices and meets until the swimmer and parents have a conference with the Head Coach and/or board of directors and appropriate disciplinary actions have been implemented
  • Suspension from the team and all events for the remainder of the season
  • Suspension/loss of membership privileges to Leeland Station facilities by the Community Association

RSL Eligibility

  • A competitor may only swim for one RSL team during any single swim season. Once a competitor is placed on the team roster and attends one practice or one meet he/she is considered a member of that team.
  • All team dues and RSL insurance requirements must be met prior to participation in any meet or practice.
  • Swimmers older than 8 must swim at least two dual meets to qualify for the Championship meet. Swimmers 6 and under must swim in at least one dual meet to qualify.