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Leeland Express Meet Officials and Job Positions

Meet Officials :

· Referee (RSL certification required) - The Referee is the final arbiter of all decisions and questions during the meet and has full authority over all officials, assigning and instructing them. The referee must be thoroughly familiar with all applicable RSL rules, all meet procedures and duties of all officials. (2 for Home Meets)

· Stroke and Turn Judges (RSL certification required) - Stroke and Turn Judges determine whether the swimmers perform their strokes and turns in accordance with the prescribed rules of RSL.  (8 for Away and Home Meets)

· Starter (RSL certification required) - The Starter has complete control over the swimmers from the time the Referee signals the start of the race until after a fair start has been achieved. He/She calls the swimmers to their starting positions and to "take their mark" and indicates if any false starts have occurred. (2 for Home Meets)

· Head Timer (RSL certification required) -  The Head Timer makes sure all timers are in place and ready for each heat, communicates with the Head Judge and acts as 3rd timer when a timer's watch malfunctions.  (2 for Home Meets)

· Timer - Three timers are required per lane (9 from each team). One timer per lane logs each swimmer's time on their entry card. Stopwatches are provided; timer training is held prior to each meet. (9 for Away and Home Meets)

· Clerk of Course - (RSL certification required) All swimmers report to the Clerk of Course for their event. The Clerk(s) of Course organizes the swimmers according to lane assignments and makes sure they have their time cards to be given to timers. He/She arranges with the Announcer to call the events with adequate time intervals. The Clerk of Course also records "scratched" swimmers. (2 for Away and Home Meets)

· Assistant Clerk of Course - The Assistant Clerk of Course will help assign children to lanes and monitor the children's whereabouts. (4 for Away and Home Meets

· Runner - The runner collects the time sheets/cards from the timers and turns them in to the computer operators. (4 for Home Meets)

· Announcer - (Experience helpful) This person announces all the events for the meet as well as all check-ins to the Clerk of Course. Works closely with the Starter to keep the meet running. (1 for Home Meets)

· Safety Marshall – the Safety Marshall walks around the pool, deck, bathrooms, etc. to be sure that there are no hazards. Home meets only.


· Scorer (RSL certification required) - Enters all times using Meet Manager software for each event. They record disqualifications  and print out meet results, meet reports, and labels for placement on ribbons.  (2 for Away and Home Meets)

· Data Checker - Aids score by double-checking data entry.  (2 for Away and Home Meets)

· Circler - Determines each swimmers' time from their event card for data entry. (2 for Away and Home Meets)

· Ribbon/Award Clerk - Ribbon volunteer will attach "Placement" stickers for each event onto the ribbons during the meet. They are also responsible for sorting and organizing the ribbons as they are generated. (1 for Away and Home Meets)


· Concessions - Runs the concession stand during home swim meets.  (8 for Home Meets)

· Grill Meister - Cooks hamburgers and hotdogs on the 8 burner stainless steel gas grill! (2 for Home Meets)

· Hospitality – serves refreshments to all volunteers, officials and coaches during meets (home meets only)    

· Set-Up/Clean-Up