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Leeland Station Swim Team - Community Support

The Leeland Station Swim Team (LSST) proudly supports our community when in need.  Each year, we would like to be able to give back to our community in the small ways we can.  Because we are not able to support all of these requests, we have established guidelines to limit the type of activities we will consider.  

The LSST is dedicated to the emotional and physical growth of our swimmers and to the morale of the community in which they live. The team strives to make swimming a fun experience and at the same time educate our swimmers to the benefits of hard work, sacrifice, good sportsmanship, self-discipline, and community spirit.

Education, Health, and Community Awareness

 Proposals must be submitted in written form and must include:

1. A detailed description of the organization and its cause.

2. Contact information: Name, Mailing Address, Phone number

3. Is this a request for a financial donation? If yes, what value?

4. Date required.

5. Provide details on any recognition that will be provided to LSST. This could include media coverage,  mention in promotion materials, signage, etc.

6. List of other donors. Indicate whether they are potential or committed.

Once your proposal is complete, please forward by email to:

The LSST has determined that the following types of requests fall outside of our guidelines and will not be considered for support:

  • Requests from denominationally specific organizations

  • Requests from political organizations

  • Requests from 3rd parties to raise funds for a charity

  • Requests for multiple year commitments

  • Requests to support activities outside our service area