2021 Championships

2021 River City Swim League Championships  July 22 - 25, 2020 
Cecil Aquatics Center,  13611 Normandy Blvd. , Jacksonville, FL

Swimmers who swim at a minimum of 3 swim meets are eligible to attend Championships - think of Championships as one more BIG swim meet.  

DATE                       TIME              AGE GROUP                  EVENT(s)
Thursday, July 22     3:00 pm          6 & Under                     Free, Back, Kickbd, Relays
Friday, July 23         3:00 pm          7 & Up                          Fly 11 & Up / IM
Saturday, July 24      7:00 am          11 & Up                        Back, Short Free, Breast
Saturday, July 24     12:00 pm         8 & Under, 10 & Under   Back, Short Free, Breast, Fly
Sunday, July 25       7:30 am           7 & Up                          Long Free, Relays

Course 1:  8 & Under, 11-12, 15-16 Girls, 17–18 Boys
Course 2:  10 & Under, 13-14, 15–16 Boys, 17–18 Girls

HEAT SHEETS:  Paid for with your registration fees; will be in a box on the team table in our tent.  Your family name will be on the front.

SWIMMER & PARENT CHECK IN:  Each swimmer and parent should check in at the team tent daily!  You’ll see the check in poster on the front table – initial by your name so we know you and your swimmer are present.  IMPORTANT!!

PARENT CHECK IN FOR MEET JOBS:  Report to announcer’s stand when your shift is called. Your assignment will be emailed to you prior to championships.

TENT HOSPITALITY PARENTS:  Friday -  help set up fans, tables & other equipment in tent.  Daily:  help with food set up and RCSL hospitality.   Assist with swimmer check-in and keep the tent clean.  Sunday – help dismantle equipment & pack trailer.

SIGN UP TO DONATE FOOD!  Please log on to your online account and sign up to donate food for our hospitality table (food sign up is just like signing up to volunteer at a regular meet) 

Everyone needs to help keep our tent area clean and safe.  All trash needs to be picked up at the end of the day and put in appropriate trash cans. 


  • NO SMOKING, NO ALCOHOL, NO PEANUTS, and NO COOKING in the tent area!
  • NO parents are allowed on pool deck or in clerk with swimmers.  This includes 6 and Unders!    No parents are allowed back in the clerk of course.  They clerks will take good care of your swimmer.  There are many on staff to ensure your swimmer’s safety and care.
  • Bring highlighters, clips, and sticky notes to keep your place in the heat sheets (championships heat sheets are thick like a book).
  • Please be prompt for your meet assignment.  We don’t want to hear the league calling for TFS volunteers over the loud speaker.
  • The Aquatics Center has 2 pools (courses) with spectator stands.
  • Bring chairs for tent.  It’s ok to leave them for the weekend (the grounds are patrolled).
  • Bring games, books, and other stuff to occupy time between events (especially for younger kids).
  • Bring cooler with snacks and drinks for your family.  We will also be providing plenty of food and drinks plus there is a concession stand.
  • There are swim vendors available.  It’s a good place to find practice suits.
  • Over-the-Hill Relay – The Over-the-Hill Relay is composed of parents of swimmers who are swimming at championships and will be held at the end of the day on Sunday.  If you are interested in participating in the relay, please let Coach Paul know.
  • Award Ceremony – The award ceremony will follow parent and coach’s relays at the end of the day.  We encourage everyone to stay for the awards ceremony.

Fairfield 904-693-4400 (this is where most of our families are staying)

Best Western 904-265-7759 
Hampton inn 904-783-8277 

CAMPING INFORMATION:  CALL  904.573.3150  OR online