Volunteer Jobs

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Please volunteer to fill four positions to help us conduct the swim meets. This can be any combination of home meets, away meets, team functions, and SSA Championships.



Start the stop watch at the start of the event, stop the stop watch at the finish. Record the time. You will be working in groups of 3 per lane and you have one of the best views for the meet! You will be assigned to a particular lane for the evening. There is a timers’ meeting at the beginning of the evening to pass out stop watches and assign lanes.Timers should arrive at the meet by 5:45. The timer’s meeting will be held around 6:00


Stroke & Judges:

Watch strokes, starts and turns to ensure swimmers are following stroke, start, and turn rules. The goal of officiating is to make sure swimmers are not getting an unfair advantage over other swimmers, while keeping in mind that this is a summer swim league. These positions are only available to people who have had Officials Training. Officials should arrive at the meet by 5:45.

Interested in officiating? You are the best!!!! Please watch the following videos - USA Swimming Stroke & Turn Videos.



This job is for the well-seasoned parent. Call out the races to the swimmers and starts them at home meets.

The starter should arrive at the meet by 5:45



Calculates and records the final official time for each swimmer or relay..

Please be seated at the scoring table by 6:00.



Place the event label on the ribbons for individual events and relays.This tends to be a “late” job as this worker needs to stay until all of the ribbons are labeled with stickers and filed.

Please be in the computer area by 6:30.


Event Board Operator

Turns event numbers to provide a visual aid for the meet progression. Has a great view of the meet.

Please be set up on the start side of the pool by 6:00. 



Announces the line-up for each event throughout the meet, the score as the meet progresses, and numerous other announcements as needed throughout the evening.

Please report to the scoring table by 5:30. 



Carries the event cards from the timers to the scorers. Easy and repetitious task on the pool deck.

Please arrive at the meet by 5:45 and attend the timer’s meeting around 6:00.


Lane Parent

Ensures that the swimmers are in their proper lane and in their proper order. The lane parents are behind the starting blocks assigned to the Dunsinane swimmers. This position is only for the 10 & Under age groups. There is a break for the older swimmer events. This is a position that has a great view of the swimming events!

Please arrive at the meet by 5:45.



Helps to get the swimmers to the lane parents in the correct order prior to their events. This is an easy position if you have younger children who are not on the swim team, since they can be with you throughout the meet.

Please arrive at the meet by 5:45.


Bake Sale

Sell baked goods throughout the swim meet. This is an important fundraiser for our team and our swim club. This is another easy position for those with younger children. Additionally, the bake sale volunteers will help prepare and deliver drinks and snacks around the pool to the coaches, lane parents, and all workers who are volunteering for the meet midway through the meet.

Please arrive at 5:15 to begin the sale.


Grill Operations

  • Grillmaster: This is a season-long commitment. Responsible for ordering the food, ensuring the grills are set-up and that food prep and grill operations are all good. The manager will assign staff to help with set-up.

  • Cashier: Responsible for taking customers' orders and ensuring the rest of the grill crew are aware of the order. Cashier also distributes drinks from the coolers.

  • Runner: Responsible for relaying orders to the grill crew, getting plates/trays ready with buns and handing food to the customers.

  • Grill Crew: Cooks the food, keep grills hot. Makes runs to refrigerators for extra food (if needed)

NOTE: Members of the grill team are entitled to complimentary beverages from the grillbilly cooler and one entree item (near end of the meet)

Please arrive at the grill area by 5:30.



Condiment Prep

Purchase (and be reimbursed for) a large amount of tomatoes, onions, and lettuce for the grill as well as miscellaneous items for the bake sale. Clean and prepare (slice) the items for the grill, and bring them to the pool in a cooler. A shopping list will be provided the weekend before the meet.  Items need to be at the pool by 5:30. Please have your receipt(s) ready to turn in that night

Please arrive at the grill area by 5:30.



Prepare and deliver drinks and snacks around the pool to the coaches, lane parents, and all workers who are volunteering throughout the meet.

Please arrive at the grill area by 6:15.


Meet Cleanup

Throw away trash, replace chairs, collect items left behind, etc. Start cleaning up toward the end of the evening and stay until Pool Manager clears you to go. You will be the last to leave !!

Time varies by meet.


Volunteer Sign-in, 50/50 Raffle

This person will be stationed at a table where all workers will sign in. He/she will also give some general information out to workers.  Then walk around asking for donations for the 50/50 raffle fundraiser.

Please arrive by 5:15.


Walking Taco Meat Prep

Purchase 6 pounds of ground beef and prepare it with taco seasoning. Then bring it to the pool, hot, in a Ziplock bag or plastic containing.  Please have your receipt(s) ready to turn in that night.

Please arrive by 5:30.


Pancake Breakfast Working - Shift 1

Responsible for making pancakes and sausage at home, bringing them to the pool and helping with setup for the Pancake Breakfast.


Pancake Breakfast Working - Shift 2

Serving pancakes and drinks throughout the course of the Pancake Breakfast and cleanup afterwards.


Special Events Worker

Help with special events during the season – hand out popsicles on Popsicle Day, assist with setup, the running of, and clean up at the end of season banquet.


Please Note: Some of these volunteer positions are more critical than others. In the event that we lack volunteers in critical areas, such as timers, you may be requested to change tasks to fill a need.