Volunteer Jobs

Volunteer Job Descriptions 

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SWIM TEAM FAMILIES:  Please sign-up for four positions to help us conduct the swim meets. This can be any combination of home meets, away meets, team functions, and SSA Championships.

SWIM & DIVE TEAM FAMILIES:  Please sign-up for five positions to help us conduct the swim & dive meets. Three jobs should be for dive meets to ensure we have these jobs filled.

Please Note: Some of these volunteer positions are more critical than others. In the event that we lack volunteers in critical areas, such as timers, you may be requested to change tasks to fill a need.


Swim Meet Jobs


Home and away meets.  Critical job, and the one that has the most required positions to fill. Use a stop watch to time the swimmers in their races.  Record the time.  Summer swim pools have no automatic timing systems, so the timers' work is critical.  You will be working in pairs, two timers per lane, and you have one of the best views for the meet!   Water will be brought to you by the folks working hospitality. WIf you have an older swimmer or if you are in a position where one parent can be freed up to time, please consider filling a timer slot.

Timers should arrive at the meet by 5:45. The timer’s meeting will be held around 6:00.

Stroke & Turn Officials

Home and away meets.  Watch strokes, starts and turns to ensure swimmers are following stroke, start, and turn rules. The goal of officiating is to make sure swimmers are not getting an unfair advantage over other swimmers, while keeping in mind that this is a summer swim league. These positions are only available to people who have had Officials Training. 

Officials should arrive at the meet by 5:45.

Interested in officiating? You are the best!!!! Please watch the following videos - USA Swimming Stroke & Turn Videos.


Assistant Computer Operator

Home meets only. Assist the lead computer operator with entering results into the meet manager system.  Ideal candidate would be someone interested in moving into the lead computer operator position in the next year or two.

Please be in the computer area by 5:45.


Home meets only. This position takes the ribbon labels and places them on the back of the correct place ribbon.  You create a pile of ribbons for the away team(s) and file Dunsinane ribbons in the swim team box.  There are busy times and slow times for this job. This tends to be a “late” job as this worker needs to stay until all of the ribbons are labeled with stickers and filed.

Please be in the computer area by 6:30.

Event Board Operator

Home meets only.  Turns event numbers to provide a visual aid for the meet progression. Has a great view of the meet. 

Please be set up on the start side of the pool by 6:00. 

Score Sheet Runner

Home meets only. Collects timing sheets from timers and DQ slips from officials after each event and carries them to the scorers' table. 

Please arrive at the meet by 5:45 and attend the timer’s meeting around 6:00.

Lane Parent

Home and away meets.  League rules require we provide lane parents to our assigned lanes.  Depending on the meet, we will have to provide 2 to 4 lane parents.  As a lane parent you make sure the swimmers in your lane are stepping up on the blocks for the correct event/heat (you're provided a heat sheet).  Opportunity to interact with the kids. Lane parents get breaks as they're not required for events for the 11-12, 13-14, and 15-18 age groups.

Please arrive at the meet by 5:45.

Bullpen Parent

Home and away meets.  Manage the Dolphins' younger swimmers, rounding them up and leading them to their lanes in the correct order prior to their events. This is an good position if you have younger children who are not on the swim team, since they can be with you throughout the meet.

The 6&Under Bullpen Parent positions are reserved for parents with 6&under children on the team. The final event for 6&Unders is event 26 (out of 56).  After event 26 your work is done for the night.

Please arrive at the meet by 5:30.

Bake Sale Attendant

Home meets only. Sell goodies from the bake sale table throughout the swim meet. You will work under the direction of the bake sale coordinator.  This is an important fundraiser for our team and our swim club. This is another easy position for those with younger children. 

Please arrive at 5:15 to help with setup of the bake sale table.

Grill Crew

Home meets only. Assist the Grillmaster in feeding the hungry masses.  Duties may include grilling, taking orders, prepping plates, etc.

NOTE: Members of the grill team are entitled to complimentary beverages from the grillbilly cooler and one entree item (near end of the meet)

Please arrive at the grill area by 5:30.

Condiment Prep

Home meets only. Purchase (and be reimbursed for) a large amount of tomatoes, onions, and lettuce for the grill as well as miscellaneous items for the bake sale. Clean and prepare (slice) the items for the grill, and bring them to the pool in a cooler. A shopping list will be provided the weekend before the meet.  Items need to be at the pool by 5:30. Please have your receipt(s) ready to turn in that night.

Please arrive at the grill area by 5:30.


Home meets only. Prepare and deliver drinks and snacks around the pool to the coaches, lane parents, timers and other  workers who are volunteering throughout the meet.

Please arrive at the grill area by 6:15.

Parking Traffic Director - championship meet

11&O Championship meet only, Monday July 8. Direct traffic in the parking lot at the beginning of  the busy championship meet.  Job will be finished by around 7 pm.

Please arrive by 4:45.

Special Event Jobs

Team Photo Day - food prep

Pick up fruit (purchased by the team) on the afternoon before team photo day.  Prepare cut fruit and bring to pool the morning of photo day.  Help with setup of the food table.  Then you are free to go!  Details will be provided by the photo day breakfast coordinator.

Team Photo Day - serving assistant

Serving Bill's Donuts, fruit and drinks throughout the course of the Photo Day Breakfast.  Assist with  cleanup afterwards.

Popsicle Day Worker

Open and hand out popsicles at the end of each practice on Popsicle day, Thursday, June 20th. Bring scissors with you!

End of Year Banquet Worker

Assist with setup, food serving, and clean-up for the end of season team banquet at the pool.

End of Year Banquet - Trophies

Pick up trophies from supplier. Inventory check against list. Deliver trophies to pool and set up on tables on day of banquet.  


Dive Meet Jobs


Home meets only. The announcer keeps the meet flowing by calling each dive, calling the judges score, announcing awards and transitioning through each segment of the meet from beginning to end.

Judges & Referee

Three Judges (one being the Referee) at Home meets and two Judges at Away meets.  For Home meets the most experienced Judge will be the Referee. They make all the calls like failed dives, point deductions and maximum  scores. Judges score dives and determine the outcome of the meet. Judges must understand the Five Basic Elements of a Dive.

Table Workers

Four table workers at home meets and two table workers for away meets. Record and calculate scores from judges.