Minutes Southeast


Southeast Cluster Meeting

September 14, 2002

The meeting was called to order with Julia Jamiel presiding.

The minutes from the spring meeting were read and accepted by all.

Financial Statement

The Treasurer, Rebecca Ball, read the financial statement.  Net income for the period ending September 5, 2002, was $12,747.05.  Jon Reidler stated that there were still some outstanding bills related to the summer championships.

Announce Record Breakers

Teams with record breakers were announced and plaques were passed out after the meeting.  It was noted that Huntington Swim Team placed 8th in Summer Nationals.  Congratulations Huntington!          

Report on Upcoming Clinics
  • October 5 – Swim Official Level I Clinic @ Jerry Garver YMCA (SEEYA) at 8:30 a.m.  Jon Reidler will teach the session.
  • Swimposium dates for this year are on October 4, 5 and 6.  For more information go to the league website at http://mywebpage.netscape.com/seowvswim/.

Update Team Roster

Team representatives were asked to update all information on the league roster as it was passed around the room.  If you have an e-mail change it is important for the league to be made aware of this, as e-mail is how the minutes are sent.

Report on Zone Meeting

Short Course for 2003 will be held April 14 through 17, 2003.  The 2003 Long course will be held on July 28 through 31.  The Paul Atkinson award, which is a $500.00 swimming scholarship, can be found on the following website: http://www.swyswim.org/.

Discussion and Vote on Proposed Bylaw Changes

The following Bylaw changes were discussed and approved:

  1. Pg.12, Article III, H:  Add “and membership expiration date” after the words “birth date and age”
  2. Pg. 13, Article III, H:  Add “for the winter season and June 15 for the summer season” after the words “by November 1”
  3. Pg. 15, Article VII. E:  Delete the first sentence and replace it with “A  $50.00 fine may be charged for the first cancellation and $75.00 for every cancellation thereafter.”
  4. Pg. 15, Article VIII. B. 2:Add “for the winter season and June 1 for the summer season” after the words “as of the first day of December”
  5. Pg. 16, Article VIII. E. 7:  The second sentence “Disqualified swimmers may not swim exhibition in the same heat as disqualified” needs to be discussed at this meeting.  The bylaw committee could not come to an agreement as to whether or not to make this sentence “may” or leave it, as is “may not.”  After considerable discussion, the article was reworded as follows:

“NCAA Rule 2, Section 1, Article 3 I regarding false starts states that swimmers who false start may not swim the race.  For league dual meets the swimmer may swim the race, but the swimmer remains disqualified and shall not score in that race.”

  1. Pg. 16, Article VIII. H. 1:  Add following the first sentence.  “Any NCAA or league rule changes will be e-mailed or mailed to all coaches and parent representatives within the league by the league president.  It will be there responsibility to give the changes to all the officials within their team.  All changes will take effect immediately upon the coaches/parent representatives receiving them.
  2. Pg. 17, Article VIII. I:  Before the first sentence, add the sentence, “Scoring is optional at dual meets by mutual consent of the coaches.”
  3. Pg. 17, Add a new Article IX. “INVITATIONAL MEETS” – The new article will say “Scoring, age update, order of events and false start exception will be determined by the host team, but in order to count the meet for League Championships, NCAA and League Bylaws must be followed.”
  4. Pgs. 17&18, Renumber all remaining articles, up by one number.
  5. Pg. 18, Article XI. C. 1:  Add the following “winter season for winter Championships and 2 meets during the summer season for summer Championships” after the words “All swimmers shall have represented their association in three (3) YMCA meets during the…”
  6. Pg.18, Article XI. D. 1:  Delete the words “for 10 and under.” From the last sentence.
  7. Pg. 18, Article XI. D. 2:  Add the following “for the winter championships or the first day of June for the summer championships.” At the end of the first sentence.
  8. Pg. 19, Article XI. E. 2:  Delete the words “shall be returned” at the end of the sentence.  Replace with the words “shall carry a fine of $50.00 a day for a maximum of seven days after the deadline at which time the entries will be returned”
  9. Pg. 19, Article XI. F:  In the second sentence after the word “Scoring” add “for winter championships”.  After the “Relay Events: 32-26-24….” add a new sentence “Scoring for summer championships shall be as follows:  Individual events: 9-7-6-5-4-3-2-1, Relay events: 18-14-12-10-8-6-4-2.”
  10. Pg. 19, Article XI. G:  At the beginning of the first sentence add “For the winter season”.  After number 4, add “For the summer season, individual, relay, and team awards for the championship meet must meet the following requirements:  1. Ribboned medals for the first through third place.  2. Ribbons for fourth through eighth place.  3.  Team trophies for first through third place.  4.  Individual high point trophies both boys and girls in each age group.”
  11. Pg. 20, Article XI. J. 2:  Add the words “for winter” after the words “Championship information,” and after the words “Fall meeting,” add “and at the spring meeting for summer.”
  12. After Pg. 26, which is the “Team Meet Schedule” for the winter season, add a new page, which would be the “Team Meet Schedule” for the summer season.  Label both pages appropriately.
General Announcements
  • Julia is trying to organize directions to the different YMCAs.  Each team should supply her direction to your Y.
  • Rosters are due by November 1st or there is a fine of $25.00.
  • Swimmer age by December 1st determines the age group they will swim for the whole season.
  • Coaches Certification are due to Julia by December 15; please copy both the front and back of cards.
Championship Committee Meeting

The meeting will be held on Sunday, November 3, 2002 at 1:00 p.m. at the Marietta YMCA.  This is the day following the 1st City Invitational at the Marietta YMCA.

Spring League Meeting

The spring meeting is scheduled for Saturday, May 3, 2003 at 10:00 a.m. at the Lancaster YMCA.

Respectfully Submitted,

Pattie Miner


BRY – Debbie Stewart

CYRT – Doug Gotschall, Martha Waddell

CHY – Amy Miller

CYNW –  J.R. Fouraucean, Nickie Quatman

CMMY – Pattie Miner

HAYST – Tom Plemons

YHSC – Leta Kowal

LYST – Karen Hutcheson, Mag Bowen

MYAC – Julia Jamiel

MYST – Steve Sant

PKB – Wayne Shankland

PICY – Cindy Moe, Denise Wilkinson

SEEYA – Dan Nagle, Jennifer Harold, Jon Reidler, Katie Kasberg

WHY – Keith Kaczor

ZYP – Rebecca Ball, Ryan Baughman

LTPY -  Karen Hutcheson

No representatives from: