Summer League Minutes

Summer League Minutes

September 14, 2002

Present: Columbus Hilltop, Jerry Garver, Marietta, Picaway County, Zanesville, Cambridge, Liberty (unsure if participating). Absent:  Newark

Prior Season discussion:

  1. Discussion about rained-out / cancelled meets.  Because it’s so difficult to tell who was really in attendance (to establish eligibility for Championships), the consensus is that meets need to be rescheduled in order to have a qualifying meet.

  2. There were generally positive comments for 2002 Championships.  The break in the day needs to be inserted into the meet schedule.

  3. There was discussion regarding splitting the meet into two sessions.  Or at least schedule the 500s to first thing in the morning.  Using the entries and heats from the 2002 Summer Championships:

    1. The 11 & Overs as a session would be a 4:48 session, while the 10 & unders would be a 3:02 session.  The swimmers may have as little as 12 minutes between events (25 fly to 50 free).

    2. Switching the 11-12 girls to be with the 10 & unders (ala the split in the Big/Little invitational) would result in session timeline of 3:58 while the 11-12 boys with the 13 and over timeline would be 3:52.  This arrangement adjusts the minimum time between same-age events to 15 minutes.

Summer Scheduling:

  1. Discussed drawing the match-ups from a hat to establish the dual meets (as was done in Mount Pleasant league).  There was concern for teams having to travel over an hour to a meet site on a Thursday evening, especially if the weather is questionable.  The issue seemed to stem mostly from the teams that had already pre-established their meets prior to the league scheduling meeting.  Scheduling needs to wait until the actual meeting.

  2. The summer league scheduling will occur at the meeting for Winter league championships in November.  This will provide ample communication time for the teams with their swimmer families.

  3. Potential dates were discussed.  To end in time for Summer Nationals entries, the meet needs to occur prior to July 14 (expect entries to be due on July 15).  To stick with a Thursday meet, the date would need to be July 10.  Other dates considered were the 11th (Friday), 12th (Saturday), 13th (Sunday) and potentially the 14th (Monday).

  4. Given the expectation to have the meet at a participating teams location, the dates were left open.  Within these dates the teams are to identify any viable dates they may be willing to host championships.  The site needs to be selected in November.

  5. Given a July 10 date, the expected dual meet dates would be June 5, 12, 19 and 26 along with the week of July 3.  Since Red, White and Boom is on July 3, the teams may need to select another day of that week for the meet.  Depending on the date of Champs, teams could still swim the week that would normally be a July 10 meet date.