Minutes Southeast 5


Southeast Cluster Meeting

May 5, 2001

The meeting was called to order with Julia Jamiel presiding. The meeting started with presentation of a Recognition Plaque to Bill Lyle for all of his years of dedicated service to the Southeast Cluster.

Treasurer’s Report

Rebecca Ball presented the Treasurer’s Report. Net income for the period ending May 3, 2001, was $8,060.27. All of the bills from Championships have not been received, however.

New League Computer System

The current computer system will need repairs that are estimated to cost about $400. Requests for bids were issued for a new computer system. Computer Plus Technologies from Zanesville was the only interested party. They bid $2,239.00. It was the opinion of the majority of those in attendance that we could get a computer and all the necessary accessories for $2,000.00. A vote was taken and approved to spend no more than $2,000.00 on a computer system.

Election of Officers

Voting took place by acclimation. The following individuals were elected.

President – Julia Jamiel

Vice-President – Jon Reidler

Treasurer – Rebecca Ball

Secretary – Pattie Miner

Summary/Discussion of 2001 League Championships

There was general agreement that Championships went smoothly and all liked the amended schedule. Next year’s Championships are tentatively scheduled for March 2 and 3, 2002.

There were two problems concerning Championships addressed. First, Lancaster coach, Andy, suggested that a five-minute break be utilized between events numerically before and after the 500-yard events. Since the 500s were not swum where they should have been numerically, some swimmers missed their events due to not recognizing that the events associated with the 500s had already been swum and the meet jumped a large block of event numbers.

Action – It was proposed that the events be renumbered. This was agreed to and approved by a vote.

Tom Long from Columbus Hilltop raised the second issue. He asked, "If a swimmer misses an event, are they out of the rest of the meet?" Doug Gotshall stated that this was the case. It was noted by Tom Phillips form Parkersburg that some swimmers slipped through the cracks and were not disqualified. Others were caught. Consistency of enforcement is a problem due to the logistics involved.

Action – Dan from SEEYA made a motion to table this discussion and send it to the By-Law Committee for resolution. Bill from Wheeling seconded the motion and it was approved.

Summer League Swimming

Julia Jamiel received information form Claudia Multer stating that non-YMCA summer league times cannot be used as qualifying times for the Summer National Championship meet.

Dave Filon motioned that discussion on this matter be held outside of the meeting and suggested that those who were interested could discuss it after the Cluster meeting. The motion was seconded by Jeremy from NASTY.

By-Law Committee

Volunteers for the By-Law Committee are:

Doug Gotshall – CRYT

Jeremy Vanostran – NASTY

Tom Phillips – PKB

Dave Filon – MYAC

Bill Bauer – MYAC

Jamie Elk - YHSC

Julia Jamiel

The by-law committee meeting is scheduled to be held Tuesday, July 17 @ 7pm by conference call.

Championship Sponsor

A question was posed by Bill Brubaker from Wheeling regarding whether we should seek a sponsor for Championships. There was a discussion concerning what constitutes a sponsor. It was agreed to have a banner at Championships as recognition and a small logo on the shirts. It was decided that the minimum sponsorship amount would be $4000. This would cover the expected cost of OU pool rental.

Miscellaneous Issues

It was brought up that Y National is looking at having "Cluster" disappear. Elizabeth Policano from HAYST assured the group that this concerns just the name, not any functional change. They are looking at using the word "Zone" instead. This will not affect the make-up of the swim league.

No current information about 2002 Zones. The Zones meeting is scheduled for the end of May. It is expected that they will be held at Carmel High School in Indiana. For further information, please check the cluster’s website http://sites.netscape.net/seowvswim after May 25th.

Fall Cluster Meeting

The fall meeting is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on September 15, 2001 in Cambridge. Directions will be e-mailed.

**REMINDER: Julia needs league record breakers by May 31, 2001.

Respectfully submitted,

Pattie Miner