Upcoming Officials Training

Official nationwide training seminars from YMCA.

Training Date Location Time Instructors
Level 2 February 16, 2020

465 W 6th Ave
Lancaster, OH 43130

8:00 AM - 
12:00 PM

Jim DePietro
Unless otherwise noted, please register for the classes through the YMCA’s Learning and Career Development Center (LCDC).  If you would like guidance or a reminder on how to use the LCDC : https://media.ymca.net/ymca-accounts/main-guidelines.pdf
Central Ohio YMCA participants can register here: https://lcdc.yexchange.org/Catalog/Class/Detail/261870 and your Coach or the League's Lead Official can provide you with a voucher code to cover the cost.
Need help setting up your LCDC account and registering for a class?  Follow the instructions here: