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SEOWV League Records

League records as of 9/22/2013 (pdf)

Records Update Information

If you are aware of a potential swim that would better the currently posted record, please submit the proper application form.  For sanctioned meets, this is nothing more than an email to the League Secretary calling attention to the final results.  It is difficult for one person to line by line read the larger meet results (Zone and Nationals) to determine if someone from our league broke a record. 

For non-sanctioned meets, you need to submit the signed record application form or Meet Manager generated application.  

To help make the maintenance of the records easy, this information is available to all teams for import to your team manager database so that it can be checked after every meet to see if a record-breaking swim occurred.  Here is the Team Manager record file (9/22/2013).  You probably need to right click the link and chose "Save As."  TM will want the file named as SEOWV-Y.REC.  

On the Dual Meet Resources web page, we have a Meet Manager file with the records included.  In Meet Manager there is an option under Reports to scan the results and print an application for any potential record setters.  

Once an application is received for a potential record setter, the proper steps for recognition may be taken.  

Many eyes and helping hands will make this job much easier and more manageable.  We ask for your help and thank you for your cooperation.

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The SEOWV League records have been updated through May 2007 after many hours of research and work to the best of our ability.  A HUGE thank you to Janna Hetrick for the work to update the league records (and time standards for 2007-08).  While we've tracked the records over the years, the expanded dual meet event list and the change in event age groups (changing some longer events to 11-14) created new challenges.