Job Descriptions


ANNOUNCER – Announces over the PA system the progress of the meet; such as event and heat number, swimmers’ names and when swimmers need to report to the ready bench. They also announce other information as needed. Experience with meets is beneficial as well as a working knowledge of how meet announcing is expected to be carried out.

CLEAN-UP – Clean up is immediately after the meet and includes tearing down of equipment on or around deck area (tables, chairs, ez-ups, etc.) as well as general clean up of the meet area.

HOSPITALITY - This position is responsible for coordinating and providing snacks and refreshments at the meets we host. Responsible for purchasing and preparing items in advance, if necessary, of the meet. Organizes volunteers that take the snacks & drinks around to the Shift Volunteers and Coaches on deck.

MEET DIRECTOR - The meet Director is in charge of the home meet. Directors are the “go to” people if there are Coaches challenges or questions on USA Swimming or League rules and regulations. The Director makes decisions during the meet, and consults with the Stroke & Turn Judges and/or other officials before meet begins if necessary. There will be a special training meeting for whoever volunteers.

HEAD Ready Bench – This position is responsible for organizing the parent volunteers into a strategy on staging swimmers, rotating across the benches and escorting the swimmers to their lanes. Communicates with the announcer when even numbers need to report to the ready bench. This is an Experience Needed position.

READY BENCH ESCORT – Responsible for letting each heat know when it is time to head over to the blocks. Walks younger swimmers to their assigned lanes, especially important on 100 yard relays where swimmers are on each end of the pool. Assists in the ready bench area. Experience working ready bench beneficial, but not necessary.

READY BENCH – This position organizes swimmers at the ready bench area according to event number, heat and lane assignments. A copy of the meet program is provided for your use. A strong voice is a definite asset.

HEAD Ribbons Chair – This position is responsible for organizing and stocking the ribbons for all of our dual meets. Instructs any new volunteers and makes sure that ribbons are completed and placed in the family folders. Also responsible for ribbons being brought to each meet.

RIBBONS - This position is responsible for placing computer printed labels onto place ribbons that are earned by every swimmer from that day’s meet. Then they are distributed into the family folders.

RUNNER – The runners will take the time slips from the lane timers to the scoring table. Some runners will also take DQ slips from the Stroke and Turn Judges (yellow copy goes to the appropriate team coach, white copy goes to the computer operator).

SET-UP – Set up for home (or Hosted) meets is mostly done the Friday night before a meet – sometimes not until early Saturday morning. It involves arranging the benches in the Ready Bench area, roping off around the pool, setting up tables for the ribbons and computers, and setting up shade structures.

STARTER – Coordinates with the head timer, instructs the swimmers to get set for the race, and starts each race. This is a Trained position.

HEAD Stroke & Turn Judge - This person has the final say on challenges. Coordinates the other stroke and turn volunteers. Holds a pre-meet meeting for all stroke and turn judges working that day’s meet to instruct on rotations will work as well as any other changes or instructions. Also responsible for organizing (or bringing when hosting) DQ slips, clipboards and pencils. This is a trained position.

STROKE AND TURN JUDGE – Observes swimmers in assigned lanes to ensure strokes and turns are being performed in accordance with USA Swimming or League rules. This is a Trained position.

TEAM PARENTS–There are two team parents assigned per age group(boys and girls). Team Parents will check-in swimmers before the start of the meet and write their event numbers on their arm. Team parents are required to report to the Volunteer Coordinator at a meet 15 minutes before check-in time.
* 6 and Under team parents assist in getting swimmers to the ready bench and escorting them to their assigned lanes if necessary.
* 7/8 & 9/10 team parents ensure that these swimmers are at the ready bench when called.

TEAM PHOTOGRAPHER(s) – We’d like to have 2-3 people take pictures at the meets and then coordinate combining them into weekly albums. With these albums, we’ll be able to arrange to get them posted on the website and collect them for the end of year recap slideshow. SO, if you have a camera and like to take candid shots, please sign up. The Team Photographer will coordinate and provide pictures for the website, end of year slide show, etc..

HEAD TIMER – Organizes stopwatches, clipboards and pencils for each lane. Conducts a timers meeting with all timer volunteers working the day of the meet, to instruct them on the proper procedures and requirements for timing a meet. Conducts a stopwatch test before the meet begins. Confirms that all timers are in their proper place with the correct ratios of hosts vs. guests. Supervises and instructs the lane timers during the meet and communicates with the Starter before each race. Responsible as the backup timer, usually carrying and utilizing 1-2 stopwatches, in case there is a problem in one or more of the lanes. May be asked to bring stopwatches,clipboards and pencils to meets when necessary. This is an Experience Needed position.

TIMERS – There are three timers per lane. Each timer will operate a stopwatch to time each race, except when a *Colorado System is in place. The times are recorded by one of the timers and given to a runner. All instructions for that day’s meet will be given before the start of the meet at the Timers Meeting.
*When the Colorado System is used, there are plungers that are used instead of (or sometimes in addition to) stopwatches.1⁄2 - 2 hours before the start of the meet. Retrieve and set up the following items from the storage shed or pool equipment storage