Volunteer Info


Our parent volunteers make for a smooth, successful swim meet. Each family is required to work at least 10 shifts per swim season to stay in good standings with the team. If your child is on the team, you are required to volunteer.  

The volunteer jobs are posted on Team Unify and signing up is all done electronically. This makes it very easy for you to adjust your schedule to the meet needs. This also allows us to see where we need additional help in advance of a meet.

The success of our swim team relies on the support of parent volunteers. Each family should plan on working five out of the six swim meets. Championship Volunteer jobs will be mandatory for everybody.

You will receive an email for each swim meet approximately two weeks prior to the swim meet at which time you must sign up for time slots for your volunteer job.

Please check in at the Volunteer Check-in table (Yes, a bona-fide check-in station!) on meet mornings by 8:00 am (SAT) or 5:00 pm (Weeknight meet) so we can mark you off in the job duties binder and give you your badge. 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email

Thank you for all you do,

Squid Squad