AWP/Water Polo Leagues

Competitive Water Polo Leagues

Please note that SJAC has recently joined American Water Polo {AWP} which was established in 2003 and is located in Bridgeport, PA.   The AWP sponsors Water Polo leagues throughout the United States.

SJAC will be participating in the AWP’s “Main Line League” which is currently comprised of 9 Water Polo clubs which compete at multiple age-group levels each year during the spring.  The AWP also hosts a National State Challenge for select teams during the summer months.

Age Groups:

  • 12 & Under   {Teams utilize a 6’ wide by 3’ high goal}
  • 15 & Under   {Teams utilize a 10’ wide by 3’ high goal}
  • 18 & Under   {Teams utilize a 10’ wide by 3’ high goal}

Team Locations:  

  • All clubs are located in NJ and PA.

The AWP leagues follow the NCAA playing rules with some modifications.  The NCAA rules can be found by going to  or to .  The AWP rule modifications can be found at

SJAC also plans to host competitive Water Polo tournaments in the future and initial discussions have taken place concerning the creation of a local Water Polo League, which will be played during the summer months.  Stay tuned for more information to come!