Clinic Description


S​JAC Water Polo

​Clinic Series

****everyone registered must be able to swim a 200 free straight****​

​***everyone registered will be broken into groups by age and ability levels****

***Adult is 18 and over***

Not sure if you'll like the sport?  Drop in for 1 session and try it out! Drop in price is $20/session.  Drop-in participants should bring $20 cash or check on the day of the session.  Please call ahead to let us know you will be joining the clinic... 856-335-3007.


T​he Clinics will develop the following:

​1. drills to develop shooting and passing skills

​2. drills to improve water polo swimming technique and endurance

​3. drills to improve treading and build your endurance during practice

​4. basic understanding of water polo rules with small sided games

5. love of the sport