Drowning Darryls' Coaches

We are excited to have a wonderful team of coaches to teach our new and continuing swimmers! 

The Head Coach

Fred Scheberies   

[email protected]          

Coach Fred grew up in Oakland. He graduated with a degree in Marketing, and Real Estate. He also had 128 extra college units (that's right 128)  in many different interests such as Marine Biology, Ecology, and Astrology. He currently works as a Real Estate Agent at Berkshire Hathaway. Coach Fred enjoys playing basketball and ultimate frisbee. He doesn't have any pets at the moment, but always had dogs. And his favorite food is chocolate chip cookies.

Coach Fred had many coaches himself as he played almost every sport, swimming, football, basketball, baseball, track, and ultimate frisbee. The number one thing that impressed him about them is that they really cared and tried to make him get better.  For him, the best part of coaching is the interaction with the swimmers and seeing them grow up. The important thing is the friendships. Also on an individual basis it also teaches them that hard work and dedication pays off. 

For his swimmers: "I am there to help and they can talk to me about anything."

The Funny Coach

Serene Augustain

[email protected]

Coach Serene was born in Chandler, Az. Currently studying Nursing, and maybe in the far future becoming a doctor. Her hobbies include swimming, playing the guitar, drawing & painting, and has a love for snowboarding and hiking. She has 2 cats named Rambo and Tiger. Loves any kind of pasta and tacos are her favorite. 

As a coach she feels the best part is getting to teach the kids new techniques,  & having her swimmers get a knowledge for swimming. Seeing them happy and smiling after dropping time or having a good race knowing they've worked hard! Also for them to know it's not all about winning. Being a swimmer you learn life skills, such as perseverance, dedication, resilience, and how to put your all into something you love. As a competitive swimmer herself she enjoyed challenging herself & pushing her limits in the pool. Even when she failed she knew there will always be the opportunity to come back and push herself even harder. And it's also fun! 

For her swimmers: "Sometimes I might get on you about something in practice, but it's only because I want you to get better! Also Coach Fred calls me the funny coach"

The Cool Coach


TChris Whittington

[email protected]

Coach Chris was born in Antioch, CA. He is considering becoming a teacher. His hobbies include playing video games, swimming, & cycling. And his favorite food is Mexican food. 

The best part of coaching for Chris is watching his swimmers improve,  being able to hang out by the pool, also the energy at the swim meets. As a coach he wants his kids to learn the importance of being persistent and working hard. Looking back at his coaches he was impressed at how no matter the time, weather, or conditions his coach was always there for the team. 

For his swimmers: "I can beat them at Super Smash Bro's Meele."

The Nice Coach

Landry Walker

[email protected]

Coach Landry was born in Pocatello, ID. Currently studying Economics with a minor in Statistics. She enjoys reading, skiing, hiking, and SWIMMING! Her favorite food is chicken, any way you prepare it. 

The best part of coaching for her is that it's so rewarding to watch the kids grow and improve while also having fun and making friends. She loves that swimming is not subjective. It doesn't matter who you are or what anyone else thinks. Swimming is for everyone. Her coach always wanted the best for her, both in the pool and out. It was important to her coach to teach her that swimming is not just about being fast. So in turn Coach Landry wants her kids to develop a love for the sport and to learn lessons that will stick with them for the rest of their lives. 

For her swimmers: "Coach Fred calls me the nice coach."

The Camp Counselor Coach

Ciera Nasso

[email protected]

Coach Ciera was born in Southern CA, but now lives in Idaho. She is studying to become a Nurse. She loves swimming, reading, listening to music, & hanging out with her friends. She has 2 dogs and a gecko! Her favorite foods are shrimp pasta, chocolate, and coffee ( it's not a food she knows smiley).

As a coach she loves when kids start to see improvements and results. It's exciting to see them get motivated. In competitive swimming nobody else can affect your success. if you put in hard work, you will succeed. Even though swimming is individual, it still has team aspects. When she was a young swimmer she was impressed about how her coach was so knowledgeable about swimming and the sport as a whole. She realized how much of an impact her coach had on her life. So, she wants her kids to learn that hard work will take you a long way. Not only in swimming, but in all parts of life. 

For her swimmers: "I love to have fun and love when kids ask questions (swimming related or not)."