Work Assignment Info

Work Assignments

  • Work assignment sign-ups will be held at registration on the evenings of Monday, April 8th and Saturday, May 4th.
    • Each family is required to fulfill two(2) work assignments during the regular season.
    • If a swimmer is entered in Prelims, you must fulfill one (1) work assignment at Prelims.
    • If a swimmer qualifies for Finals (Top 16), you must fulfill one (1) work assignment at Finals.



Southwest St. Louis County Municipal Swim & Dive League

Swim & Dive Meet Volunteer Information



Teams are required to provide the following volunteers for all meets.  Team Reps should ensure that all meet workers have name-tags with the volunteer's name and appropriate volunteer title included.

 Individual teams are responsible for determining the number of bullpen workers and other workers (heat sheet sales, concessions, etc.) required in hosting a meet.

Swim Meets

                                                             Home Team                              Visiting Team

Meet Coordinator                                        1

Announcer                                                   1

DQ Recorder/Starter Assistant                   1

Hospitality                                                   2

Computer Entry                                           1-2

Team Bullpen                                              6                                                 6

Lane Directors (6-lane pool)                       3                                                 3

Lane Directors (8-lane pool)                       4                                                 4

Lane Directors (10-lane pool)                     5                                                 5

Timers** (6-lane pool)                               9                                                 9

Timers** (8-lane pool)                              12                                                12

Timers** (10-lane pool)                            15                                                15

Backup Timers                                            1                                                1

Runners                                                        1                                                 1

Time Sheet Judge                                        2                                                 1

Time Entry Checker                                                                                       1

Substitutes                                                   2                                                 2

*The number of parents assigned to work the team bullpen is determined by the team. 

**Teams should assign one timer per home-team lane and two timers per away-team lane. 

 Home team to provide 2 – 6 foot tables.   Visiting team brings their own ice/coolers/cups.




Swim Meets

Meet Coordinator

Typically the Swim Parent Rep.  Assists in set-up of equipment.  Makes sure there are enough supplies (score sheets, calculators, pens, pencils, etc.).  Directs parent volunteers.  Oversees entire meet.


Only for HOME meets.  The announcer's job is to announce upcoming events & heats, any records broken during the meet, to provide team-score updates, and any other important announcements.

DQ Recorder for Starter and Stroke Judge

Completes DQ sheets per Starter and Stroke Judge instructions. Keeps track of events and heats for the Starter (if requested).


Only for HOME meets.  The hospitality workers serve water to all meet workers during the meet and are responsible for picking up trash throughout the meet.  This job is very important, especially on hot days!

 Computer Entry

Only for HOME meets visiting team does not need to provide.  The computer entry person assists the computer rep in entering events results into the computer.  Race times will be taken off the time sheets after the time sheet judges have finished recording.


Everyone LOVES the bullpen!  The bullpen is the holding area for swimmers.  You will work from a 'heat-sheet' and round up the swimmers for their assigned races and heats.  Then you will send them to the block area.  There are 4 people assigned to this job.  The other 2 are bullpen 'runners' who transfer the swimmers from the bullpen to the blocks.

Lane Director

Lane directors stand near the starting blocks with a 'heat-sheet' and make sure swimmers are in the correct lanes and heats for their events.  This includes making sure relays are lined up properly.  One lane director per team-lane is required.         


The timer's job involves the actual timing of the races.  You will be given a stopwatch before the meet begins and you will gather at the end of the pool to meet with officials prior to the start of the meet.  The head timer in each lane is in charge of writing all 3 times on the swimmer's time sheet.  Sheets will be collected from you.  Make sure you check the swimmer's name as they exit the pool.

Back-up Timer

Back-up timers start their watches with each race and are used in case a regular timer fails to start the watch.  Also, they relieve timers who need a brief break.


The runner's job is to collect the timesheets and DQ sheetsafter each even numbered event, then turn them into the time sheet judges.  It is very important that you collect from each lane and starter/stroke judge assistant.

Time Sheet Judge

The time sheet judge gets the time sheets from the runners, sorts the sheets by the event number, and circles the middle time.

Computer Time Entry Checker

The time entry checker receives a computer printout from the computer room and checks that all times have been entered correctly.  You check the actual time sheets against the computer printout, then inform computer entry person if any changes need to be made.


You will be required to check in with the volunteer coordinators at the beginning of the meet.  You will help volunteers as needed.  You must be flexible, as you may have to work any position needed.


CITY                     NO. LANES

 Ballwin                10

Chesterfield        6

Crestwood           10

Ellisville              8

Fenton                  6

Kirkwood            10

Manchester         10

Shrewsbury         6

Sunset Hills         8

Webster               8