Swim Meet Protocol

What to Expect at Swim Meets

Swim meets can be overwhelming at first but become very fun for you and your children once you learn how they work.  For more specific information, head to Swim Meet 101.

-Arrive by 5:00.  Your child will want to find a spot in the bullpen to place their stuff.

-When you arrive in the bullpen, go to the swimmer check-in table. Mark through your child’s name on the check-in sheet with pencil so the coaches know they are at the meet. This is always located in the bullpen.

-Take a Swim marker (available at B & B) or Sharpie marker and write your child’s event numbers on their hand or arm, including heat and lane.  Make sure you check the relay sheets as well. This will help them keep track of when they are swimming and help the bullpen workers. 

-Your swimmer/diver should bring at least two towels to the meet – one towel to sit on and one towel to dry off with after swimming.

-Bring healthy snacks and plenty of water.

-Bring something for your child to do and make sure you label all personal items with your name.  Put games and/or other items away in a bag or backpack when your child leaves the bullpen.

-Parents, we suggest you bring a chair since seating at the pool is limited.

-If you are working the meet, check in with the volunteer coordinators who are located at the gate when you enter at home meets, and near the bullpen during away meets.

  -Depending on how many events your child is swimming, you can expect the meet to   last until around 9:00 for younger children and 10:00 for teens.