Code of Conduct

Printable Parent Code of Conduct


As a Parent or guardian of a swimmer or swimmers and a member of the SSCL, Suburban Swim Club League, I agree to abide by the following guidelines and obligations:

1. I WILL practice teamwork with all parents, swimmers and coaches by supporting the values of discipline, commitment and hard work.

2. I WILL NOT degrade my team or any other teams swimmers, officials, coaches or volunteers, or interfere with coaches and officials on the pool deck.

3. I WILL demonstrate good sportsmanship by conducting myself in a manner that earns the respect of my child or children, other swimmers, parents, officials and coaches at meets and practices.

4. I WILL exercise self control at all times and know my role: swimmers swim, coaches coach, officials officiate and parents parent.

5. I UNDERSTAND that criticizing, name-calling, and using abusive language or gestures directed toward coaches, officials and/or swimmers will not be permitted or tolerated.

6. During meets, I will direct questions or concerns regarding decisions made by meet officials to a member of our coaching staff, not to the officials.

7. I WILL enjoy involvement with the SSCL by supporting the swimmers, coaches and other parents with positive communication, actions, and volunteering.

8. I WILL be responsible for informing any guest I bring to a swim meet of this Code of Conduct and be responsible for insuring that my guest also follows the Code.

Should I conduct myself in such a way that brings discredit or discord to the SSCL Swim League and members.  I understand that I may be subject to disciplinary action. The SSCL Board of Directors maintains the rights to sanction, suspend or remove any members violating this parent code of conduct by a vote of two-thirds of the elected members of the board. No member shall be suspended until he or she has been furnished with an opportunity to be heard by the board in his or hers defense. Notwithstanding any other provisions of this document, the SSCL Board of Directors shall have the discretion and power to take action, as it may deem proper, with reference to the removal, suspension, or reinstatement of the member.


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