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The name of the organization shall be called the Hilliard Marlins Swim & Dive Team, herein referred to as the Team.


Mission Statement


The mission of the organization shall be to provide a summer swimming and diving program that will accommodate all levels of ability.  The goal is to promote physical fitness and a sense of pride through teamwork, team spirit and sportsmanship, values that athletes will take on into other areas of life, school, work and family.


Article I – Swim Team Membership


Section 1: Residents.   

Any resident of the Hilliard City School District shall be eligible for membership on the Team upon payment of the annual membership fee as assessed by the Team Board of Directors (BOD) (See Article III) and completion of an evaluation of skills by the coach. 

A swimmer or diver’s age as of June 1 of the current year will determine his/her age group for the summer.  The last summer season for participation is the summer immediately following their high school graduation.  The minimum age for participation on the team is six (6) years of age by June 1 of the current year.

If membership requests exceed capacity, the coach shall institute a “try-out” session at which divers and/or swimmers will be selected based on ability and the needs of the Team in the various age groups and consult with the Team BOD prior to its utilization.

 Membership is offered without regard to race, religion, color, creed or national origin.



Section 2: Nonresidents.  

Residents outside of the Hilliard City School District (“nonresidents”) shall not be eligible for membership on the Team unless the membership has been approved by the board.


Section 3: Obligations.  

By requesting and accepting Team membership, divers, and/or swimmers and their parents agree to abide by the rules, Code of Conduct, policies and procedures established from time to time by the Team general membership, the Team BOD, and the coaches. 

            Additionally, all Team parents are required to volunteer to support multiple meets.  Failure to volunteer will jeopardize the swimmer membership and the ability for the Team to continue to function as a member of the Suburban Swim Club League (SSCL).



Article II – General Membership


Section 1:  Composition.

The general membership shall consist of all parents and guardians of swimmers and/or divers in good standing.  “Good standing” is defined as, (1) having a valid Team registration on file with the Team BOD, (2) signed Code of Conduct, (3) Team fees are paid in full.  The voting rights of general members will, therefore, continue unabated until fees are not paid in full by the next annual deadline for payment of fees. Once fees are paid in full, any new or lapsed member shall be included in the general membership with all voting rights appurtenant thereto.



Section 2:  Annual Meetings.  

There shall be a preseason meeting of the Team general membership prior to the first swim team practice of each season.  This meeting will normally be held during April.  The general membership shall also meet within 1 month of the end of the swim season (defined as May – July) to elect a new BOD.  If possible, this meeting will be held in conjunctions with any annual awards banquet.  The time and place of these meetings will be determined by the team BOD, be included on the Team schedule and be advertised using all usual available mediums at least one month in advance of the meeting date.



Section 3:  Special Meetings.

            Special meetings of the Team membership will be held when determined necessary by a majority vote by the Team BOD.  The time and place shall be determined by the Team BOD President.


Section 4:  Notice.

            Notice of Team membership meetings shall be made no later than one month in advance of the meeting date using advertising medium determined by the Team BOD to be the best practical means of notification.


Section 5: Quorum.

            So long as notice has been provided in accordance with Article II, Section 4, a quorum for either an annual or special meeting shall consist of those parents or guardians in attendance.  A majority vote of those eligible and present shall be sufficient for all purposes, except as otherwise specified herein.





Article III – Board of Directors (BOD)


Section 1:  Members.

            The voting members of the BOD shall be comprised of those members elected by the membership.  The BOD shall include the following officers:  President/Suburban Swim Club League (SSCL) Representative, Past President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Suburban Swim Club League (SSCL) Dive Representative, City of Hilliard Recreation and Parks Representative, and two (2) members elected at-large from the general membership.  Only a parent or legal guardian of a Hilliard Marlin swimmer or diver who is on the current fiscal year roster may serve as officers on the BOD or on committees thereof.  The head swim coach and the head dive coach will be non-voting members of the BOD.


Section 2:  Nomination and Election of BOD Members.

            The nomination and voting process will be administered by an Election Committee, appointed by the Team President and composed of members in good standing not seeking election. 

            Nominations for BOD positions may be made by any member in good standing for any member in good standing provided the nominee consents. 

            The election shall be announced at least one month prior to the election date.  The final nominee slate shall be formulated and announced to the general membership for consideration one week prior to the election. The final nominee slate will include a brief biography of each candidate and will be available to the general membership via print or web media. 

At the end-of-season meeting of the membership, normally conducted in July, the membership shall elect the new Team BOD by majority vote. 

The election process will consist of hard copy ballot with Team BOD positions and nominees clearly indicated.  The ballots will be distributed at the beginning of the meeting.  Each nominee or a designated representative from the general membership will be afforded two minutes to speak.  The election will be held, ballots collected, and a count conducted by the Nomination/Election Committee.  The results will be announced by the Nomination/Election Committee prior to the meeting’s termination. 

            In the case of a tie vote, a run-off election will be held between the two nominees.  In a tie vote situation the nominees may elect to speak an additional two minutes in order to sway voters.  Additional votes will be taken until the tie is broken.  No member shall vote by proxy. 


Section 3:  Term of Office.

            BOD members shall serve until their respective successor has been elected, but any BOD member may be removed with or without cause by a majority vote of the full membership of the TEAM BOD.  Any vacancy in office because of death, resignation, or inability to serve shall be filled by a person elected by majority vote of the remaining members of the BOD, pursuant to a special meeting.  However, if a vacancy occurs in the office of the President, the Vice President shall immediately assume the President’s office.  


Section 4:  General Powers.

            The affairs, activities and operation of the Team shall be facilitated by the BOD.  The BOD shall transact necessary business during intervals between Team meetings, and such other business as may be referred to it by the membership or these Bylaws.  It may create Standing and Special Committees, present report and recommendations at Team meetings, interview and hire coaches, prepare and submit a budget to the membership for approval, and, in general, conduct the business and activities of the Team.     


Section 5:  Board of Directors Positions.


A. President.

The President shall be the principal executive officer of the Team, and subject to the direction of the BOD and direction of the general membership, shall supervise and facilitate all of the activities of the Team.  The President shall be a member of the BOD and, when present, shall preside at all of the meeting of the BOD and all meetings of the general membership.  The President shall vote only in the case of a tie of the BOD or the general membership. 

Term of office will be one year.  The President will also serve as the Suburban Swim Club League (SSCL) Swim Representative (see Section 5, E.)  The President becomes a member at large for one year upon completion of their term as President (optional but encouraged).


B. Vice President.

The Vice President shall be a member of the BOD and, in the absence of the President, shall perform the duties of the President.  The Vice President shall perform such other duties as are assigned b the President of the BOD.  The Vice President shall become the President after having served as Vice President for one (1) year.


C. Treasurer.

The Treasurer shall be a member of the BOD.  The Treasurer shall have charge of and be responsible for all funds of the organization and shall receive and give receipts for monies due and payable to the Team from all sources and shall deposit said funds in such banks or other organizations as are selected by the BOD.  All deposits and/or disbursements shall be made within a maximum of thirty (30) days from the receipts of the funds and/or order of payment.

 The Treasurer shall keep a full and accurate account of all receipts and expenditures as required by Ohio Revised Code. 

The Treasurer shall make disbursement as authorized by the President, BOD, or Team in accordance with the budget adopted by the BOD. 

The Treasurer shall present a written financial report at each Team meeting and at other times as requested by the BOD. 

The Treasurer is responsible for filing all necessary tax related documents in a timely manner. 

Term of office will be two years.



D. Secretary.

The Secretary shall be a member of the BOD.  The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the proceedings of the BOD and the general membership, attend to all correspondence, and shall perform such other duties as may be delegated by the BOD or action of the Team. 

                        The Secretary shall maintain a current copy of the Team Bylaws.

            The Secretary shall request and collect committee folders from all chairpersons for reference in subsequent years.

                        Term of office will be two years.


E. Suburban Swim Club League (SSCL) Representatives.

One dive and one swim representative (President of the BOD) shall attend the meetings of the SSCL and shall report on the meeting to the Team and BOD.  Term of office will be one year.


F. Members At Large.

Three (3) members total, two (2) members elected from the general membership and the immediate Past President.  Members at large must be actively involved with the Team.  A member at large must have a general knowledge about the Hilliard summer swim and dive program and have been a volunteer in some capacity for the Team during the swim season. 

Term of office will be one year for the Past President (optional) and for one elected member and two years for the other elected member.


G. City of Hilliard Recreation and Parks Representative.

This representative will be appointed by the Director of the City of Hilliard Recreation and Parks Department.  This person must have management responsibilities associated with the Hilliard Aquatics Programs and be knowledgeable about the organization and operations of a community summer swim program.


H. Joint Officer Positions.

The above described BOD officer positions may be held by one person or may be jointly held by two individuals.  In the event of a joint officer position, each individual will be given one half of a vote for all official BOD issues and decision.


I. Head coach swim team and head coach dive team.

Each head coach will oversee the participants and assistant coaches per their respective sport.  The head coach will attend the BOD meetings.  The head coach does not have voting privileges.



 Section 6:  Absences.

            A Board member who misses three (3) meetings in one fiscal year without being excused by the President may be removed by a majority vote of the BOD.


Section 7:  Proxy.

            In order to be excused, the Board member must send a proxy to the meeting whenever possible. 



Section 8:  Quorum and Voting.

            A quorum shall consist of a majority of the elected members of the Team BOD (normally five of eight elected members).  A quorum is required in order for the BOD to vote on issues and make decisions affecting the Team.  Once quorum has been established, a majority vote of those present shall be sufficient for all purposes, except as otherwise specified herein.  In the event of a tie, the President’s vote shall be the deciding factor.  If the President is not present then the vote/decision must be deferred.  Meetings attended by less than a quorum can discuss issues and exchange general information necessary for the continued operation of the Team.  Scheduled meetings of the BOD that consist of less than a quorum must also be documented by minutes.



Article IV – Standing and Special Committees


All committees shall be composed of parents or legal guardians of Team members in good standing.


Section 1:  Meet Management Committee.

This committee shall obtain all necessary resources (personnel and equipment) required to conduct home and away swim meets.  This committee will be responsible for making sure all volunteer slots are filled prior to the meet start.


Section 2:  Set Up and Tear Down Committee.

            This committee shall be responsible for setting up and tearing down all necessary equipment needed for home swim meets.  This committee shall obtain direction from the management of the Hilliard Family Aquatic Center in order to set up the pool and pool deck areas necessary for home swim meets.  This committee shall also be responsible for restoring the pool and pool deck after swim meets to the level required by the management of the Hilliard Family Aquatic Center. 


Section 3:  Concessions Committee.

            This committee shall be responsible for the operation of concessions at home swim meets.  The committee shall, with prior approval from the BOD, purchase food and equipment necessary for operation of the concession.  The committee shall sell items in a manner designed to improve the financial stability and overall operation of the Team.


Section 4:  Social Committee.

            This committee shall organize social functions to enhance the morale and community spirit of the Team.  It shall also be responsible for organizing an annual end-of-season awards banquet.


Section 5:  Nominating/Election Committee.

        This committee shall be composed of two (2) parents or legal guardians of Team members in good standing, who shall be selected by the BOD no later than the April general meeting.  The committee shall carry out its responsibilities as specified in Article II of these Bylaws.


Section 6:  Communication Committee.

            Chairman and committee members will work to promote positive and timely communication between the BOD, pool staff, swimmers, divers, parents and caregivers. 

This committee will be utilizing various mediums of communication to notify all participants of the Hilliard Marlins Swim and Dive Team of the activities involved in a summer swim/dive program.  This committee will oversee the team mailboxes and maintain email communication.

 This committee may publish a weekly newsletter, notify local newspapers of team accomplishments/events, and/or coordinate a team bulletin board.

This committee will work closely with other committees to make sure announcements specific to that committee is communicated in a timely fashion.


Section 7:  Webpage Committee.

            A staff member from the Hilliard Recreation and Parks Department shall also be on this committee. 

            This committee will work closely with the Communications Committee to see that important information is posted on the website in a timely manner. 

            This committee will also work closely with the Hilliard Recreation and Parks Department and the BOD to maintain an up-to-date website containing information for new and returning swimmers. 


Section 8:  Parade Committee.  

Chairman and committee members will be responsible for making sure the Hilliard Marlins Swim and Dive Team is an active participant in the Hilliard 4th of July parade.  This will be done in conjunction with the Hilliard Recreation and Parks.

 This committee will also enhance team spirit and unity by organizing our Team’s participation in the SSCL Championship parade.


Section 9:  Photo Committee.

            Chairman and committee members will be responsible for organizing the team and individual picture day.  Picture day will be sometime during the second week of practice.  This committee is also encouraged to coordinate photos taken during the season for the bulletin board and an end-of-season slide show to be shown at the banquet.


Section 10:  Ribbon Committee.

            Chairman and committee members will be responsible for organizing the team ribbons for all home swim and dive meets (dual, developmental and special meets). 

This committee will conduct a “ribbon count” at the end-of-the-season for all remaining ribbons (dual, developmental and special) and document this count in the end-of-the-season committee report. 

This committee will be responsible for the purchase of dual meet ribbons (swim and dive).  The chairman will complete all necessary paperwork as deemed necessary by the BOD treasurer.


Section 11:  Hospitality Committee.

            Chairman and committee members will be responsible for the purchasing, preparation and disbursement of snacks and beverages to the meet volunteers during a home swim meet.  The chairman will complete all necessary paperwork as deemed necessary by the BOD treasurer.


Section 12: Awards Committee.

            Chairman and committee members will be responsible for the purchasing and organizing the end-of-season awards (individual and special team awards) for the banquet (with prior BOD approval and in coordination with the head coach). 

            This committee will receive/collect the awards earned at the league championship meet and organize these awards for pick up at the end-of-the-season banquet.

            This committee, with assistance from the BOD, will ensure that all awards, certificates, etc. for the current swim and dive season are completely dispersed by Labor Day. 

            The chairman will complete all necessary paperwork as deemed necessary by the BOD treasurer.


Section 13:  Other Standing Committees.

            The BOD may establish such other Standing Committees as it deems necessary and advisable.  The President shall facilitate the appointment of the chairpersons of all Standing Committees.  The chairperson of each committee may recruit the members for his or her committee.  The chairperson shall report the plans and activities for the committee to the BOD.


Section 14:  Committee Reports.

            Chairman of all committees must submit a written report of their fiscal year activities.  Attached to this report will be a completed financial page (as provided by the Treasurer).  This end-of-the-year report must be submitted to the President no later than one month from the day of the end-of0season awards banquet or by the end of the fiscal year (August 31).


Article V – Finances


Section 1: Budget.

            The Treasure shall present to the BOD at the first BOD meeting of the fiscal year a budget of anticipated revenue and expenses for the upcoming year.  The Treasurer will maintain a progressive comparison between the original budget submission and actual financial developments.  The Treasurer will provide the Team BOD financial updates on a monthly basis during the swim season (May – July) and quarterly during the off-season (August – April).  These updates shall be formally approved (or adjusted) by the Team BOD.  The Team Budget Reports shall be distributed at the Team meetings, at any Team special meetings, or upon request by a Team member. 


Section 2: Obligations.

            The BOD may authorize any officer or officers to enter into contracts or agreements for the purchase of material or services on behalf of the Team.


Section 3:  Commercial Paper.

            All checks, drafts, or other forms for the payment of money on behalf of the Team shall be signed by one authorized signature (treasurer or co-treasurer or president) for all checks written.  No two relatives or members of the same household may jointly authorize any disbursement.


Section 4:  Liability.

            The electe4d officers and members of the BOD shall not be personally liable for debts, liabilities, or other obligations of the Team.


Section 5:  Authorized Signatories.

            The authorized signers for all financial accounts shall be any of the following individuals: Treasurer, President, and Vice President, as determined by the BOD.



Article VI – Parliamentary Authority


Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the Team in all cases in which they are applicable and in which they are not in conflict with the Bylaws.



Article VII – Amendments


The power to alter, amend, or repeal these Bylaws or adopt new Bylaws shall be vested in the Team BOD if approved by a two thirds majority of the elected BOD members at any regular or special meeting.

            All proposed changes to the Bylaws must be provided to Team BOD membership no later than one meeting prior to the meeting during which the changes will be approved.  This is required to allow time for careful consideration of the changes. 

            Once changes to the Bylaws are approved, the Vice President shall coordinate a rewrite of the Bylaws with approved changes incorporated. 

            The new Bylaws will be signed by all Team BOD members.  A signed copy of the Bylaws will be distributed to each BOD member.  The Secretary will maintain the original copy of the signed Bylaws.  A signed copy will also be provided and distributed to the Team membership via all usual mediums within 30 days of approval.


Article VIII – Basic Policies


Section 1:  Non Profit Status.

            Not withstanding any other provision of these articles, the Team shall not carry on any other activities not permitted to be carried on by an organization exempt from Federal Income Tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or by an organization whose contributions are deductible under Section 170 (c)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code.


Section 2:  Dissolution.

            Upon dissolution of this organization, after paying or adequately providing for the debts and obligation of this Team, the remaining assets shall be distributed to one or more exempt organizations within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code, or shall be distributed to the federal government, or to a state or local government, for a public purpose.



Article IX – Fiscal Year


The fiscal year of the Team shall be September 1 to August 31.



AFFIRMATION:  These Bylaws were voted upon and approved at the Hilliard Marlins Swim and Dive Team Board of Directors meeting on _________________________.





_________________________                                  ___________________________

Cindy Sheahan, President                                           Cara Penry, Vice President




_____________________________                          ____________________________

Lynne Clark, Treasurer                                               Janet Steitz, Secretary





_____________________________                          ______________________________

Heather Ernst, Hilliard Rec. & Parks                          Megan Goudy, Hilliard Rec. & Parks






_____________________________                          ______________________________

Beth Buchholz, Member at Large                               Michelle Gehring, Member at Large








Craig Buchholz, Member at Large