Swim Team Parent Volunteer Jobs

Our volunteers are an important and valued part of our GSSC swim team family and play a key role to help home swim meets run smoothly.  If your child participates on the swim team, it is mandatory that each family sign up to volunteer 3 times throughout the season.

SIGN UP: It is easy! Go to our website: and login to your personal account. Click on the specific swim meet "event" and select "job opportunities." You will see a menu of volunteer jobs and all you have to do is check the box next to the volunteer job you would like and your name will appear then click "Save."

VOLUNTEER JOBS: Below are the specific ways you can  volunteer.

 Swim Meet Announcer - Welcomes and introduces teams, coaches, officials, calls events up.




Starter - Starts event after announcer calls, commands swimmers, begins race.



Head Timer - Coordinates timers for home meets, instructs and assigns timers to lanes, assists with lane judging.



Lane Timers - Three per lane; time and record swimmers times. Two shifts.




Meet Referee & Stroke and Turn Judges- Observes starts, swims, turns and finishes.





Ribbon - Sets up ribbon supplies, labels them and sorts them for opposing team & into GSSC ribbons box. 


Computer Coordinator & Date Entry Volunteers- Sets up the meet file exchange, formats meet line-up, prints off heat sheets before/during the meet and enter race information during the meet.  



Snack Shack & BBQ- Group of parents to prepare and sell food/beverages in concessions during home meets/matches. Need 2 cooks for the BBQ.



Runners- Distributes and collects timers' heat sheets during the meets.



Clerk of Course - Stages & organizes swimmers in the correct heat/event line-up prior to race.