Purchase Details

Membership purchase details

When you reach the top of the wait list and we offer a membership, within 7 days of the offer you're required to pay the Membership Share price, transfer fee and--if you're purchasing your membership during the season the pool is open--a pro-rated portion of the annual dues. See the following explanation of these fees.

  • We currently charge $800 (tax included) for a Membership Share. This fee and all others are subject to review yearly and may change while you are on the wait list. This is a one-time fee for new members.

  • The membership transfer fee of $25 also is a one-time fee for new members. Your $10 wait list fee is credited towards this amount when you buy a membership share.

  • Annual dues are currently $475 (includes tax). If you purchase your membership during the open pool season, you'll pay your annual dues at the time of your membership purchase, but based on a graduated fee schedule that considers the amount of time left in the season. If you purchase a membership during the part of the year the pool is closed, we don't require that you pay annual dues until the normal April 15th deadline for all members. The full $475 (tax included) will be due at that time.

You have 7 days to complete all elements of the membership purchase (including payment of all membership fees required) when we offer you a membership. If the purchase is not completed in those 7 days, the membership will be offered to the next applicant on the wait list .

If you refuse an offer to purchase a membership but wish to remain on the wait list, you may again pay the $10 non-refundable wait list fee to have your name placed at the end of the wait list as the newest name.

Also of note:

  • We require that each membership perform four hours of maintenance work yearly at the club or pay a $75 (tax included) maintenance fee. See the Maintenance requirement page.

  • Under no circumstances can GSSC memberships be rented to nonmembers.

  • Team participation or lessons require a fee payment.

  • Some years we require an assessment on all memberships (i.e. In 2011 we had an assessment of $80 (plus tax) due from all members).

  • The pool opens in mid-May and closes in mid-September. Pool hours vary day-to-day and change during the season. We post a schedule in the pool office and on this Web site, as well as mail it to all members in advance of the season's opening.

  • Non-members may sign up for swim lessons during the season based on availability after members sign up. Lesson registration and information is available in the pool office.

Membership is currently full.  You can view our waitlist here.