Dues and Fees

2020 GSSC Fees

All fees are subject to change.

Lesson and Sport Fees



Teams: per sport played *

$95 each child

Saturday Swim Lessons
(May/June only)

$20 Members

$40 Non-members

Swim, Dive or Tennis Lessons
(two-week session)

$45 Members

$65 Non-members



Masters Swim Lessons

$20 Members

$35 Non-members

Tennis Key


* $25 per month will be added for late payment.

** The Tennis key fee is a one time payment required along with a signed contract. If the key is not returned upon termination or sale of your membership, you will be a assessed the full facility rekeying fee of $250.00 from your membership share.

Guest Fees



Guest Tickets


Extended Stay Pass



Membership Fees

Checks for the payment of annual dues (by April 15) or the maintenance fee (if needed) should be mailed to the club mailing address.



Standard Dues with work party discount

Standard Dues without work party discount

(add $100.00 maintenance fee)

One-time Equity Share Membership Fee 


Seasonal (Provisional) Membership

(2 year limit)





Annual Dues

(Applies to Equity Share Membership Only)-due April 15th annually

Annual Dues Honorary (1/4th of regular dues)-due April 15th annually











Registration Fee



Maintenance Fee *
(by Sept. 30 yearly)

$100.00 (or 4 hours work)





* $25 per month will be added for late payment.

Pool Rental Fees for Parties or Large Gatherings

Read information on this topic.


1-25 Guests

26-50 Guests

51 and up

Up to 3 Hours:

(After hours rental)








** Sales Tax Ruling. The State of Washington now recognizes our swim club, and others like it in the area, as a fitness club. That type of business is subject to sales tax on dues. However, a social club (which we consider ourselves) would not have to pay sales tax on dues. On January 28, 2009, an appeals court judge ruled on this issue and provided guidance. The State now recognizes us as both a social club and a fitness club. As such, a portion of our membership dues, maintenance fees, and sales of memberships are subject to sales tax. Your membership dues statement will reflect this change. Feel free to contact the club's president with any questions.