Our Dive Team Volunteers are AWESOME!

Dive meets offer many volunteer opportunities and rely on the help of parents to run smoothly. It is mandatory that each family sign up to volunteer 3 times throughout the dive season.



SIGN UP: It is easy! Go to our website: and login to your personal account. Click on the specific dive meet "event" and select "job opportunities." You will see a menu of volunteer jobs and all you have to do is check the box next to the volunteer job you would like and your name will appear then click "Save."

VOLUNTEER JOBS: Below are the specific ways you can  volunteer.

All meets should have the following officials:

            *5 judges per event (GSSC must provide 3 judges for home meets and 2 judges for away meets)

            *1 certified referee (this person may be one of the judges, but preferably not a coach)

            *3 scoring table officials (announcer, recorded, calculator)

            *1 score table math verification official (Required for all meets to check math: high & low, across, multiplier, and addition)

            *1 awards person

            *Snack Shack

The duties of the meet volunteers are described as follows:

Meet Referee
              1.    Shall be a certified judge, can be from any team.

              2.    Will try not to use a coach of one of the participating teams so they are available to coach their team.  Can be shared between coaches if needed.

              3.   Will take responsibility that all SSSDL Diving Plan procedures are

              4.    Will call the meet off in accordance with the weather on the advice of
                    the certified lifeguard on duty.

              5.    Will monitor the quality of the judging and may pull a judge who is
                      blatantly biased toward one team or other.

              6.    Will monitor diver etiquette, in particular that there be no one present
                     behind or to the sides of the diving board while a diver is on the

             7.      Will stop the meet if there are swimmers in the pool during
                     competition portion of the meet.  The referee will not allow the
                     meet to continue until all swimmers exit the pool

               8.     The choice to have a water line will be decided by the host pool.  Any team member may be pulled from the line for not following the rules.

               9.      The referee will call all balks, incorrect dives, incorrect positions and remind judges of the rules such as “hands up entries no greater than a 4”


 Awards scores for each dive during an entire event as instructed at the judging clinic or by the meet referee.  (Parents should try to not judge an event in which his/her child is entered if possible.)


 Reads the order in which the divers are diving; reads the name, club affiliation,  the dive,  position and degree of difficulty for all first dives, thereafter omitting the affiliation; calls for the judges’ awards and reads the scores, always in the same order. The announcer is responsible for keeping the pace of the meet moving and must remain impartial to all teams remembering that they are the host of the meet and a representative of SSSDL.


 Records the judges’ scores on the dive sheet entry form; cancels the highest and lowest score if there are five judges; and adds to total the scores.


 Multiplies the recorder’s total scores to the Degree of Difficulty of the dive.  This can preferably be done using a diving slide rule or an electronic calculator when available.  The calculator adds the result to the running subtotal. 

Math Verification Official:

Checks the score sheet, verifying the scores and the calculations for accuracy; passes the sheets back to the Announcer in correct order.

Snack Shack Group of 5 parents to prepare and sell food/beverages in concessions during home meets/matches. Need 2 cooks for the BBQ.


Separates the score sheets by event in the case that events were combined, ranks the score sheets by event and notes the rank on the sheet; fills out any ribbons or medals.