Judging Criteria

Judging Criteria

JUDGING: Judging of diving shall be in accordance with SSSDL rules.  All judges should have attended the SSSDL judging clinic or be instructed in the basics of judging by the referee prior to the competition. 

1. Lineups may used as a dive with adjusted DD of 1.1 for front and 1.3 for back.

2. Divers physically helped by a coach will receive a deduction of two (2) points from each judge to be taken off by the announcer and scorer’s table.

3. Any diver 9 & over entering the water with hands above the shoulders on a feet first entry or hands below the shoulders on a head first entry will get a maximum score of 4 from each judge. This does not apply to 8 & Unders.

4. Any dive called “incorrect” by the referee will receive no score except in the 10 & unders who can have one “do-over”.  Referees will be cautioned to give the benefit of the doubt to the diver.  The second dive will be scored a balk.

5. Each diver 10 & under is only allowed one “do-over” per meet.

6. All jumps will have a maximum degree of difficulty of 1.0 no matter
where they are used in the list.   The body line should be straight during flight and no movement should occur.  Jumps should be judged accordingly.  A jump with a twist will be considered in the twisting group.

7. A balk occurs after the time that a diver assumes a stationary, stable, and balanced position on the diving board.  A dive shall be considered set at this point.  Movement after the set point that does not initiate the dive will be considered a balk.  This is a judgment call that will be made by the meet referee.  Leniency should be used before calling a balk.  Remembering the importance of the diver’s safety, it may be crucial for the diver to regain their balance.  If a diver ascends the board and dismounts that shall not be called a balk.  A balk will result in 2 points being taken off each judges score by the announcer and scoring table.

8. Coaches may change the individual dive position on the board, however, the DD will not go up if the new dive has a greater degree of difficulty.  The DD will go down if the new dive has a lesser DD

9. No balks will be called for all 8 & Under.

  • No incorrect dives will be called for any 8 & Under. After one do-over the dive will be scored with no greater than 2’s.
  • Any dive done without an attempt to come out will score no greater that 3’s.
  • Judges will score the dive as seen at their discretion.
  • If  a dive is done in a position other than was announced it will receive no greater than 4’s

SCORING Individual point scoring for dual meets will be as follows:

ALL places must be awarded in each age group, at each meet- provided there are an adequate number of divers. ALL points must be awarded for each event provided there are an adequate number of participants      

                        1st Place                      8 points

                        2nd Place                     6 points

                        3rd Place                      4 points

                        4th Place                      3 points

                        5thPlace                        2 points

                        6thPlace                        1 point

In the event of a tie, the points for the places involved will be totaled, divided by the numbers of divers involved, and the results awarded to each diver.  Each event shall total no more than 16 points.