2011 Swim Lessons


Normandy Park Swimming Club

Swim Lesson Program for 2011

Member & Non-Member Lesson Sessions:
(Session 1-4 Swim Lessons run from 10:30-12:30 in ½ hour increments. Session 5 may start earlier)
Session 1 June 28th-July 8th
Session 2 July 11th-July 22th
Session 3 July 25th- August 5th
Session 4 August 8th-August 19th
Session 5 August 22nd-September 2nd

Members Only Lessons:
Spring Evening Lessons:
5:00-5:30 or 5:30-6:00 pm
Mondays and Wednesdays May 30th-June 22nd
Tuesday and Thursdays May 31st-June 23rd

Member Lesson Sign-Ups:
Session 1 Monday, June 20th at 6pm (first come, first serve)
Session 2 Tuesday, July 5th at 6pm (first come, first serve)
Session 3 Monday, July 18th at 6pm (first come, first serve)
Session 4 Monday, August 1st at 6pm (first come, first serve)
Session 5 Monday, August 15th at 6pm (first come, first serve)

All lessons must be paid for when the child is signed up. Sign-ups for all Spring Lessons can be made anytime after May 8th.

Non-Member Lesson Sign-ups:
Session 1 Wednesday, June 22nd anytime after 3:00 pm
Session 2 Thursday, July 7th anytime after 6:00 am
Session 3 Wednesday, July 20thth anytime after 6:00 am
Session 4 Wednesday, August 3rd anytime after 10 am
Session 5 Wednesday, August 17th anytime after 10 am

All lessons must be paid for when the child is signed up.

Lesson Costs:
For Members:
$25 Lessons
$30 Stroke Improvement for Swim Team Members

$50 per session

Lesson Levels:
level 1 - Age: Pre-School
This class introduces the non-swimmer to the water. Children learn to put faces in water, go under water, blow bubbles, open eyes under water, retrieve objects from the bottom , beginner strokes, glide, glide with kick, and jumping in from the side among other skills.

Level 2 - Age: Pre-school to early elementary grades, often 4 to 8
This class is for beginning swimmers who are comfortable being in the water. Children learn to hold their breath for 3 seconds, how to orient themselves in deep water, to float or glide 5 seconds, to bob 10 times, to jump in and recover, to get out of the pool, flutter kick on front and back, back crawl arm action, combined stroke, turning over from front to back among other skills.

Level 3 Stroke Readiness - Age: often 5 to 10 young elementary students
This class is for swimmers who are working towards swimming across the pool. They learn to bob and submerge the head completely many times, to jump into deep water from the poolside, to dive from a kneeling position, to coordinate arms and legs in the front crawl with side breathing across the pool, to swim back crawl 10 yards, elementary backstroke 10 yards, and to reverse direction on either the front or back among other skills.

Level 4 Stroke Development - Age: often 6 to 11 Elementary students
Swimmers in this class will learn to swim the length of the pool, deep water bobbing, rotary breathing, dive from standing position, elementary backstroke one width, sculling 5 yards or 15 seconds, back crawl one length, sidestroke and breaststroke 10 yards each, and turning among other skills.

Level 5 Stroke Refinement - Age: Often 7 or older
Swimmers in this class will learn butterfly kick and improve the crawl, sidestroke, breaststroke, and backstroke. They learn alternate breathing and open turns from the front or back. They will learn to swim 50 yards using the back crawl and the front crawl and to dive from the board. These students can pass the pool test.

Level 6 Stroke Mastery - Age: Any, usually 8 or older.
This class is for good swimmers who have already passed the pool test *, can swim 50 yards or more, who want to master the different strokes and who are not on swim team.

Swim 50 Yards (2 lengths of the pool) and tread water for 5 minutes.

Private Swim Lessons… Private lessons are available at your convenience. They cost $15 for ½ hour class. They are scheduled when it’s convenient for you. If interested, please contact a staff member who can set you up with an instructor.

FOR SALE: Caps: $5 for latex $10 for silicon Goggles: $8