Membership in NPSC

Currently, three types of memberships exist at NPSC:

* Active Membership, also the most common type of membership, is for families who have kids under the age of 18 in their household. Active members have all membership benefits, and their kids are eligible to register for swim and dive team. They must pay annual dues each year. There are a total of 250 active members of the pool at any given time.

* Associate Membership, may be purchased by those who have been active members for 10 years in good standing. As a requirement, the members must have no children under the age of 18 living in their household. However, once the initial Associate Membership fees are paid, associate members become lifetime members without an annual fee. In the year that you want to become an Associate Member you must pay double that years annual dues.

* Rental Memberships are granted when there is a waiting list to purchase active memberships. In order to still allow interested families to use the pool, we provide up to 30 rental memberships, which function as active memberships. Rental memberships still pay annual dues, and a good commitment to purchase an active membership is required.


2019 Membership Dues: 

$1000 Non-Refundable Joining Fee
$1000 Yearly Membership dues 

2019 Rental Membership Dues: 

$1000.00 Annual Dues Only 

If you are interested in selling your NPSC Membership, please contact Erika Stober at We will begin making offers for the 2019 Summer Season in February, March, & April of this year.


Additional Membership Information for families looking to join our waitlist:

Thank you for your interest in membership at the Normandy Park Swim Club. Here are some of the details about our membership that may be of interest:

  • We are a membership owned club, limited by our by-laws to 250 family memberships.
  • Membership preference is given to the following zip codes: 98166, 98148, & 98198.
  • Proof of residence (copy of utilities bill) must be provided at the time of accepting a membership offer.
  • Annual membership dues are subject to change.
  • Currently, we have a waitlist of over 250 families. The number of new members varies from year to year, but currently we average about 30 – 40 new memberships per year.  Some families will be waiting for 6+ years before an offer is made.
  • You will be contacted by our membership coordinator when we are ready to make an offer. Please feel free to contact membership, Erika Stober (email address below), with questions. 

Note: You are responsible for sending us updates to your contact information, if any of this should change to: If we are unable to contact you, your name will be skipped/dropped from the list.


Waitlist Fee: $25

There is a $25 fee to be added to the NPSC waiting list.  If you are offered a membership (Rental or Full) and decline, you will need to pay a new $25 fee to be added to the waiting list again.  Waitlist fees are nonrefundable, and will not be applied to membership dues. You must be on our waitlist to be made an offer.

To get on the waitlist, please fill out this form: