Team Suit & Apparel

Team Caps

  • Caps are available for sale in the pool office.
  • Latex caps - $5.00
  • Silicone caps - $10.00

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Technical Suits

  • SSSL uses high school rules, unless stated otherwise in the Operating Plan. High school rules now restrict the use of "technical suits" and the SSSL will follow suit.
  • Swimmers shall be limited to one swimsuit, which shall be constructed of a woven/knit textile material, permeable to water and air, constructed so as not to aid in buoyancy, and shall not contain zippers or other fastening systems. In addition, the suit shall be constructed so that the style/shape for males shall not extend above the waist or below the top of the kneecap and for females shall not extend beyond the shoulders or below the top of the kneecap, and it shall not cover the neck.


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