Match Schedule
**With coach permission, players may play UP one age bracket, they may not play DOWN except by league approval.**

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** Ken uses the Remind App to send notifications regarding match play. Please text: @ovwa to this number: 81010 to receive polo reminders. **


10U & 12U Schedule:                                              

10U- 4 minute quarters, 2 minutes between quarters, 5 minutes at half. Switch ends at each quarter. No shot clock, small goals if possible. Warm up is 10 minutes before game time. All 10U games are Exhibition because prelim round of Champs is a round robin format.

12U - 5 minute quarters, 2 minutes between quarters, 5 minutes at half. Switch ends at each quarter. YES shot clocks when available. Standard goals. Warm up 10 minutes before game time. 

Friday 8/10 @ Gregory Seahurst 

Game 1           8:10am           LR vs Combined South 10U

Game 2           9:15am           KT vs LR (e) 

Game 3           10:00am         AH vs GS (e) 

Game 4           10:45am         OV vs LR (e) 

Game 5           11:30am         AH vs KT (s) 

Game 6           12:15pm         OV vs GS (s)      done 1:00pm


Sunday 8/19 @ Olympic View     * YES CONCESSIONS *

Game 1          8:30am 10U - OV vs Kent 

Game 2          9:30am 12U - OV vs Kent

*GIRLS - go to Lakeridge afterward for mixed girls game @ 11:45am* (Optional) - and/or -

*3rd Annual Youth Girls JamboreeOn Sunday, August 19th 7-9pmBlue Ridge (10040 15th Ave. NW, Seattle) will be hosting a jamboree for girls age 7-14. We get the pool at 7:00 pm. This will be very informal and very welcoming. Donuts and/or cookies for all! Game details  will be decided depending on the number, age and strength of the girls. Expect to be done no later than 9:00 pm.*


Friday 8/24 @ Olympic View  * YES CONCESSIONS *

Game 1 8:10 10U LR vs OV (sub with AH players)
Game 2 8:50 10U LR vs AH (sub with OV players)
Game 3 9:30 12U OV vs LR (s)
Game 4 10:15 12U AH vs LR (s)
Game 5 11:00 12U AH vs OV (s)
Game 6 11:45 Mixed Girls game

Monday 8/27 

12U Coed Prelims 8am - 2pm @ Olympic View

Tuesday 8/28

10U Round Robin 8am - 2 pm @ Gregory Seahurst


14U Schedule

6 minute quarters, 2 minutes between quarters, 5 minutes at half. Switch ends at each quarter. Warm up is 10 minutes before game time. SEED games (s) Exhibition games (e)

Saturday 8/11 @ Kent                  * YES CONCESSIONS *

Game 1           8:10am            KT vs AHR      (s)

Game 2           9:00am           GS vs OV       (e)

Game 3           9:50am            AHB vs AHR   (e)

Game 4           10:35am         LR vs OV        (s)

Game 5           11:25am          GS vs AHB      (s)

Game 6           12:10pm         LR vs KT         (e)       done 1:00pm


Thursday 8/16 @ Lakeridge        * MAYBE CONCESSIONS *

Game 1           4:15pm           AHB vs AHR   (s)

Game 2           5:05pm           GS vs OV       (s)

Game 3           5:55pm           KT vs LR         (s)

Game 4           6:45pm           AHR vs OV     (s)

Game 5           7:35pm            AHB vs KT      (s)

Game 6           8:25pm            GS vs LR        (s)       done 9:15pm


Thursday 8/23 @ Arbor Heights    * YES CONCESSIONS *

Game 1           4:15pm            AHB vs LR      (s)

Game 2           5:05pm            AHR vs GS     (s)

Game 3           5:55pm           OV vs AHB     (s)

Game 4           6:45pm            KT vs GS        (s)

Game 5           7:35pm            LR vs AHR      (s)

Game 6           8:25pm           OV vs KT        (s)       done 9:15 pm


Monday 8/27

14U Coed Prelims 4-10pm @ Kent



15+ Schedule:      

6 minute quarters, 2 minutes between quarters, 5 minutes at half. Switch ends at each quarter. Warm up is 10 minutes before game time. SEED games (s) Exhibition games (e)

Tuesday 8/14 @ Arbor Heights   * YES CONCESSIONS *

Game 1           4:15pm            KTB vs AH      (e)

Game 2           5:05pm           MH vs OV       (e)

Game 3           5:55pm            KTA vs AH      (s) 

Game 4           6:45pm           LR vs OV        (s)

Game 5           7:35pm            MH vs KTB      (s)

Game 6           8:25pm           LR vs KTA       (e)       done 9:15pm


Saturday 8/18 @ Arbor Heights  * YES CONCESSIONS *

Game 1 8:10 OV vs KT Green (s)

Game 2 9:00 LR vs Kent Blue (s)

Game 3 9:50 Mixed Girls game (6 quarters)

Game 4 11:05 OV vs AH (s)

Game 5 11:55 Kent Blue vs Kent Green (e)

Game 6 12:50 LR vs AH (e)


Saturday 8/25 @ Kent                   * YES CONCESSIONS *

Game 1 8:55 AH v KT Green (s)

Game 2 ... OV v LR (s)

Game 3 ... KT Green vs KT Blue (s)

Game 4 ... Mixed Girls game (6 quarters)

Game 5 ... AH vs LR (s)

Game 6 ... KT Blue vs OV (s)


Sunday 8/26

15+ Coed Prelims 8 am - 2 pm @ LR

Champs Week:  
Sunday 8/26 15+ Coed Prelims 8 am - 2 pm @ LR & Sandpoint
Monday 8/27 12U Coed 8am - 2pm @ either Blue Ridge or Olympic Vw
Monday 8/27 14U Coed 4-10pm @ either Kent or Innis Arden (TBC)
Tuesday 8/28 10U Round Robin 8am - 2 pm @ Gregory Seahurst
Tuesday 8/28 Girls Prelims 4-9pm @ View Ridge
Wednesday 8/29 Girls Finals (top two each age) 7-10pm @ Blue Ridge
Thursday 8/30 Coed Finals (top two each age) 4-9pm @ Wedgwood (TBC)



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Pool Addresses:

Arbor Heights - 11003 31st Ave SW, Seattle

Gregory Seahurst - 16700 19th Ave SW, Burien

Kent - 25821 Woodland Way S, Kent

Lakeridge - 11433 76th Ave S. Seattle

Olympic View - 19800 4th Ave SW, Normandy Park