Waitlist Information

We currently have a waitlist (Interested Buyers List) to obtain both a family or senior memberships at AHSTC:

To get on the waitlist, please send your:

Contact Phone
Check in the amount of $25.00

Send to:

Arbor Heights Swim & Tennis Club
Attention: Family (or Senior) Membership Waitlist
PO Box 46432
Seattle, WA  98146


Please read the bylaws before signing up for the Waitlist! (Note: the bylaws refer to the Waitlist as the "Interested Buyers List." These are one and the same.)


Membership Waitlist FAQ

View the Family Membership Waitlist

View the Senior Membership Waitlist

(waitlist will be updated approximately June and October each year - most recent update: 10/11/17)


Is your contact information up to date? Address, phone, email? It is your responsibility to keep us updated. Please send updated contact information to: ah-membership@ahstc.com.