Rules & Etiquette

 AHSTC Tennis Court Rules

1.  Only non-marking tennis shoes allowed on the tennis courts.  No Black or Leather Soles.

2.  The use of audio devices in and around the tennis courts is not permitted.

3.  Proper tennis attire is recommended.


5.  Sportsmanlike conduct is required at all times.

6.  Playing time is limited to two sets or one hour.  Please clear the court after that time if anyone is waiting to play.

7.  Tennis balls ONLY are allowed on the courts.  No nerf, pickle, baseballs, etc.

8.  Use of tennis key-entrance gate -- to be locked immediately after entering and leaving.  Always secure a lock to the gate or fence.  Never leave it unlocked.  Keys are to be used ONLY by member and family.

9.  Private lessons with the club's pro has priority for court use.

Tennis Etiquette

Please abide by the parent and athlete codes of conduct that you signed when you registered for the team.  The ultimate goal of summer league sports is for the children to have a great team experience and good sportsmanship is a very important part of this.  Please take a minute and review the codes of conduct as well as the following:

  • No one except players and coaches will be allowed on the courts during the match.
  • No photographers will be allowed unless given permission by both teams' coaches.  There will be guidelines on their movement so they are not getting in the way of other matches.

Please make sure your child is ready and waiting for their match.  We have a very large team and in order for everyone to get time on the courts we need to be ready to play.