Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities:

It takes a village to run this team and we need parental involvement every step of the way.  Meets last from 4PM set up until 10:30 clean up.  We have 4 home dual meets and one post season this summer.  So there will be a lot of opportunities to join the fun.

Any and All of these opportunities can go toward your required 4 hours volunteering:

Timing:  We need about 28 adults timing each meet.  Kids cannot time as these times are registered with the league and qualify for larger meets.

 Timing shifts are for ½ of the meet at a time. (2hrs)

  • 1st shift 14 people includes events 1-36
  • 2nd shift 14 people begins at event 37

Concessions: we need about 8-12 people to move in shifts and help out concessions.  Michelle will plan the events and wrangle the volunteers. Concessions is fun and flexible to jump out and see your kid swim.  It helps you get to know your fellow Arb parents. This can be done with responsible teenagers (who are not swimming) or adults. (Preferably adults). 2 hrs per shift.

Officials!  Email me ah-swim@ahstc.com if you are interested! This is a task where we need adults to go to a training at the beginning of the season. This is great for people who used to be swimmers and know the ins and outs of the strokes and rules or someone willing to learn. Based upon how many people go through the training, we can spread out the volunteer hours, but usually you are needed each meet for ½ the meet and one post season meet. This is someone who can make quick decisions for starts and turns as well. You know who you are….if you used to be a swimmer. I need you!

Parties: We have many parties, BBQs, pancake breakfasts that we need shifts of parents. We’ll have the list of fruit cutters, pancake flippers, bacon makers listed before each one.

End of season slide show:  Coordinate photo collection from parents, put together a slide show for the August 3rd awards show and senior recognition night.

GRADUATING SENIORS representative. We need from you a lead representative who will make sure the below gets handled. This can also be a parent who has a graduate NEXT year … This is what we need for each Senior

  • For the end of season slideshow - several photos of each senior, preferably showing them at the club over the years
  • Someone to speak BRIEFLY at the final home meet (how long on the team, favorite team memory, what they are doing in the fall 2-3 minutes)
  • Get someone to bring flowers and or balloons to give to each senior at last home meet (this can be a family with a graduate next year…)
  • Get someone to speak at the Awards Night 3-5 min max for each Senior
  • Someone to write a 1-2 paragraph synopsis about the senior swimmer for inclusion in the Awards Night program.