Swim Team FAQ

Swim Team Frequently Asked Questions

The GSSSL (Greater Seattle Summer Swim League) is the governing body of our swim team. We follow high school swim rules with a few exceptions. 

High School Rules can been seen HERE

SSSL Operating Rules can be seen HERE

SSSL Stroke Rules (what constitutes a legal stroke) can be seen HERE . These are the rules that will determine if a swimmer is disqualified (DQ). 

Suits! The team suits will be available for fitting and purchase Friday, May 18th. You do not have to purchase one to swim in meets, but we look better as a team the more people have them. This is the second year of the usual 2-year suit, so we will have a new pattern next year. Make sure and put your name in your suit the minute you purchase it, with 200 kids running around in the same suit, they easily get mixed up and left at the pool. If your name is on it we can call you!

Practices: Spring Session is usually lighter, with all the other Spring sports still going on. Get to practices as often as you can, but don't worry if you have to miss a few. Once Summer hits, the coaches like you to get to daily practices....or as often as you can.

First practice:

  • Make sure you are signed up and have checked off all the forms on-line. The coaches can't let you in the pool unless you have done this.
  • Introduce yourself and children to the coaches. If there are any special needs for workout or meets, please email arborcoaches@gmail.com to make sure they have them in writing. It gets crazy during practice and things can go in one ear and out the other.
  • Bring suit, towel, goggles, cap (especially if you have long hair). You will get a cap at Red and Blue meet, as well as an otter cap at the first swim meet. You can wear club caps at practice, but not at meets. Only otter caps or blank caps are allowed at meets. 

Most other questions for new families can be seen HERE - Swim Team 101

If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to ask another parent, an older swimmer, a coach or email ah-swim@ahstc.com. 

#1 Everyone has fun!

#2 "Personal Bests" are more important than blue ribbons

#3 We win and lose as a team 

#4 We cheer louder than any other team in the league!