Pool Rules


• The following rules have been established for the benefit of all members. Your cooperation in abiding by these regulations is expected - for the safety and peace of mind of all members. The staff has the authority to enforce all rules, restrict any activity that it considers unsafe and may forbid anyone from entering the pool and also order anyone from the pool.


• Remove all bandages, hairpins, and other items, likely to fall off, before entering the pool.

• People in "street clothes," shoes or eating food or drinking beverages must remain behind the ropes.

• No glass (or other breakable or sharp objects) are allowed in the pool area or building.

• Sunbathing and/or the use of lawn furniture is limited to designated areas behind the ropes.

• Always walk (on the deck AND on the grass).

• No "horse-play" in or out of the water. This includes riding on shoulders or unsafe stunts from the side of the pool.

• Talk to the guards only when necessary.

• No cut-off jeans allowed in the pool.

• Smoking is prohibited in the pool area. (Includes chewing tobacco)

• Toys and balls must be approved by the staff. Toys will be limited to use by very young children in the wading pool. The staff has the right to restrict games and the use of equipment to time and place.

• No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the pool area (except for special adult membership functions authorized by the Board).

• Non-swimmers, under the age of 10, who cannot swim a length of the pool will not be admitted unless accompanied by a competent member of the family or responsible baby-sitter (14 or over). These children must be attended at all times while in any portion of the pool.

• Valuables may be checked at the pool office. Wedgwood Pool or staff are not responsible for items left in the dressing rooms.

• The office telephone is for emergency calls and official business. Outgoing calls will be limited to one minute. Messages for patrons will be written on the white board placed in the back window of the office.

• Early morning swimmers must be 18 or over, except for those teenagers with full-time jobs (such cases must be cleared by the manager)

• Lap lane swimmers must be 16 or over, unless the guard gives permission. Lap swimmers should observe the following common lap lane courtesies: swim in a circle (down the right side), leave room at the end of the lane for turning swimmers, allow faster swimmer to pass, keep your strokes narrow so as not to disturb any oncoming swimmers.

• Proper and safe behavior is expected in the dressing rooms. Property broken or damaged by a member or guest shall be promptly paid for by the member or guest.

• Kick boards are typically allowed only in the lap lane.

• In the 2 foot area, jumping is only allowed off the gutter.

• Patrons may only jump straight off the side of the pool while facing forwards. (no somersaults, twists, or jumping off backwards)

• Diving is only allowed in the 9 - 12 ft area.


• The staff has the authority to restrict any diving activity that they consider unsafe.

• Non-swimmers (unable to swim one length of the pool) are not allowed on the diving board or in the diving area without a responsible adult.

• One person on the board at a time.

• No running on the board.

• No repeated bouncing on the board.

• No swimmers allowed in the diving area while the board is open.

• Leave the water by the adjacent pool ladder.

• The guard may close the board for group activities or on very crowded days.

• Inward dives and reverse dives (facing forward on the edge of the board and diving backwards) are not allowed.