Return-to-Play Concussion Law

Return-to-Play Concussion Law


What is Return-to-Play?

Ohio's Return-to-Play law, Ohio Revised Code 3313.539 and 3314.03, requires that Ohio youth athletes who are suspected of sustaining a concussion, MUST be removed from practice or play.  Ohio laws prohibit a child to return to play (practice or competition) on the same day that he/she is removed on suspicion of having sustained a concussion. 


He/she may return the following day if cleared in writing by a physician (MD or DO) or other authorised healthcare provider that he/she did not sustain a concussion.

The Return-to-Play concussion law applies to both school sponsored athletics and youth sports organizations.

  • Parents are to be provided the Ohio Department of Health concussion and head injury information sheet.
  • Coaches are required to complete an online training program every three years in recognizing the symptoms of concussions or to hold a  pupil-activity program permit from the Ohio State Board of Education.

What is required of 'Tangy Tornadoes families?

There is no immediate requirement of 'Tangy Tornadoes parents, guardians or youth athletes.  Should your child be removed on suspicion of having sustained a concussion, you will be required to have your child cleared in writing by a physician or authorised healthcare provider before they can return to practice or competition.



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