Cancellation Policy

We will practice cold or hot. rain or shine. Practice is sometimes delayed but rarely canceled. However, our swimmer's safety is our top concern so we have the following inclement weather policy:

  • Rain and/or Cold Temps
    Practice will be held as normal. (Note: For unusually cold/rainy weather check email and News. If nothing is posted then practice will be held as scheduled)


  • "Pop-Up" Summer Storms with Thunder and/or Lighting 
    Practice will be held as normal. Typical summer storms tend to blow through quickly so plan on having your athlete at the pool for his or her normal practice time. Just be aware that thunder or lightning will cause practice  to be delayed, put on hold, or completed early. The pool and deck must be cleared for 20 minutes from the last time thunder was heard or lightning was sighted. Our coaches will make the delay/cancel decisions as needed.
  • Severe/Extreme Weather
    In the rare case of storms that are long-lasting and severe, we will try to get an email sent out to all members as soon as possible to confirm cancelation of practice.